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Manufacturers Index - Hammond Manufacturing Co.
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In 1916 the Almond Manufacturing Co. of Cleveland was established to manufacture machinery. It seems likely that they discovered that their name conflicted with that of drill chuck maker T. R. Almond Manufacturing Co., because only a year later the name was changed to Hammond Manufacturing Co. Under that name they made wall- and post-mounted radial drilling machines that were especially useful in engine manufacture. So far as we can tell the company only survived until about 1922.

Information Sources

  • 1916 Department Reports of the State of Ohio lists new incorporations, including "The Almond Manufacturing Company, Cleveland: manufacturing and dealing in machinery, $10,000. John H. Price, E. E. Maynard, Phelps Crum, L. R. Beck, Cary R. Alburn."
  • The 1917 Annual Report of the Secretary of State, to the Governor of the State of Ohio lists corporate name changes, including, on 1916-09-15, Almond Manufacturing Company changing its name to Hammond Manufacturing Company, both of Cleveland.
  • October 1917 Mechanical Engineers Catalog and Product Directory lists Hammong Mfg. Co., 336 Frankfort Ave., Cleveland, O., as makers of polishing machinery and radial drilling machines.
  • 1918-06-13 American Machinist. "Hammond Mfg. Co., Cleveland Ohio. Hammond high-speed intended for light drilling and tapping, ball-bearing throughout, radius of 42 in; up to within 12 in. of column, drill can be brought over any part of work with one motion of the arm. Spindle speeds from 195 to 2000 r.p.m."
  • The Annual Report of the Secretary of State to the Governor and General Assembly of the State of Ohio for the Year Engine June 30, 1918 lists "miscellaneous certificates made by certain corporations", including a capital stock offering made by Hammond Manufacturing Company of Cleveland, filed 1918-06-28.
  • Ad in August 1919 Machinery showing Hammond Machinery Co.'s "sensitive high speed radial drill" being used in building a Rolls-Royce airplane engine.
  • Full-page ad in September 1920 Machinery The Hammond Mfg. Company, Cleveland, showing their folding-arm radial drilling machine being used to drill and tap airplane engine blocks. Elsewhere in the issue they are listed as makers of radial drilling machines, sensitive drilling machines, wall radial drilling machines, and tapping machines.
  • 1921-02-17 The Iron Trade Review has a multi-page article on mass production of tractor engines at the Wellman-Seaver-Morgan Co. Near the end of the article it describes engine assembly, including this passage. "The first stop is made beside a small radial drill press built by the Hammond Mfg. Co., Cleveland, where the bearings are put in place and drilled..."
  • February 1921 Machinery lists Hammond Mfg. Co., Cleveland, as makers of "Drilling Machines, Wall Radial". Other makers listed in that category are Canedy-Otto Mfg. Co. and Hanna Engineering Works.
  • January 1922 Automobile Trade Directory lists Hammond Mfg. Co., 6545 Carnegie Ave., Cleveland, as makers of radial drilling machines.