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Manufacturers Index - Canedy-Otto Manufacturing Co.

Canedy-Otto Manufacturing Co.
Downer's Grove, IL; Chicago Heights, IL; Great Lakes, IL, U.S.A.
Manufacturer Class: Wood Working Machinery & Metal Working Machinery

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Canedy & Edwards was established by William Eaton Canedy in 1889 when he moved his firm, the Minnesota Anvil & Vice Co. to Downers Grove, IL and took William H. Edwards as a partner. The business began in Rochester, Minnesota, but had moved to the Chicago area by 1889. By 1894, Albert T. Otto had joined the firm,the company name had changed to Canedy-Otto Manufacturing Co. and they had moved again to Chicago Heights, IL. The company was dissolved in 1942, but was then revived for a time, perhaps as part of the war effort. In 1949 the company was sold at public auction and was acquired by Cincinnati Lathe & Tool Co. and operated as the "Canedy-Otto Division" of that firm. This division reportedly lasted until 1956, but at least some of the Canedy-Otto product line continued under the "Cincinnati Lathe & Tool Co." name.

In their earlier days Canedy-Otto primarily made blacksmithing equipment, such as post drills, tire shrinkers and blowers. In later years they made heavy-duty drill presses, plus they made a combination machine for working wood and metal.

Advertisement from the April 1929 issue of "Popular Mechanics"

The names "SNOW", "Royal", or "Royal H Western Chief" appear on some Canedy-Otto products. They used the "Tiger" name for their economy line.

Information Sources

  • More information related to this maker is available in the Wiki, including an article on restoring a "New No. 16" post drill.
  • William E. Canedy of Wauconda, Ill., was granted an 1869 patent for a "stove-pipe shelf and drier". In 1876 he was in Rochester, Minn., when he was granted a patent for a combined anvil and vise. He was still in Rochester in 1886, but by 1890 he was in Downer's Grove, Ill., which is when he received his first drilling-machine patent. The first of his patents that was explicitly assigned to a company was an 1899 patent for an "attachment for drilling-machines" that was assigned to Canedy-Otto Manufacturing Co. Three patents, all granted in 1890, were jointly assigned to William E. Canedy and William H. Edwards, both of Downer's Grove. Edwards was perhaps a partner in Canedy Manufacturing Co.
  • The book The Ancestors of Edna Frances Cady, by Robert Cady Gates, 1991, has this snippet, available through Google Books: "Some of these were the following: 1887: Canedy Manufacturing Company of Rochester, Minnesota..."
  • A report on the World's Columbian Exposition of 1893, published in the book The White City by John Moses and Paul Selby, 1893 (available through Google Books), lists Canedy-Otto Mfg. Co. of Chicago as exhibiting "Portable forges, blowers, vises, drills, screw plates, anvils and blacksmith tools."
  • Listed in the EAIA's Directory of American Toolmakers, with a single data point of 1894.
  • The Directory of American Toolmakers also lists Canedy Manufacturing Co.: "The company, which was also called C.M. CO., made hand cranked blowers with the brand name WESTERN CHIEF and forges. They were succeeded by the Canedy-Otto Mfg. Co. Their only Chicago listing is in an 1890 directory; they may have worked in Grove before that."
  • Correspondent Ken Lyons learned from the Office of the Illinois Secretary of State at Canedy-Otto Manufacturing Co. was voluntarily dissolved on 1942-04-08.
  • Joe Potter pointed out that the cut-sheet for the 21" stationary-head floor drill, dated 10/51, says "Canedy-Otto Division / Cincinnati Lathe & Tool Co. / Cincinnati 9, Ohio, USA". The letter attached to the cut-sheet is dated November 21, 1951, from Cincinnati Lathe & Tool Co. The letter refers to "Cincinnati Lathes" and "Canedy-Otto Drills".
  • An email correspondent reports that he has a Canedy-Otto Mount Royal drill press from the 1950s; he was told that they ceased manufacturing in 1956.
  • The book The U.S. Machine Tool Industry From 1900 to 1950, by Harless D. Wagoner, 1968, has this snippet obtained via Google Books: "... the Canedy-Otto Manufacturing Company of Chicago Heights, Illinois, which was sold at public auction in 1949 and purchased by the Cincinnati Lathe and Tool Company.
  • Seen on eBay: a manual for a Royal 16 drill press from the Cincinnati Lathe & Tool Co. There is no mention of Canedy-Otto on the cover of the manual.
  • Carriage and Wagon Makers Machinery and Tools by Kenneth L. Cope, 2004 page 36