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Manufacturers Index - Consolidated Machine Tool Corp.

Consolidated Machine Tool Corp.
Rochester, NY, U.S.A.
Manufacturer Class: Metal Working Machinery

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Consolidated Machine Tool Corp. was created with the 1922 merger of Betts Machine Co., Colburn Machine Tool Co., Hilles & Jones Co., Modern Tool Co. and Newton Machine Tool Works.

In 1951 the business was acquired by the Farrel-Birmingham Co., and then in 1982 the former Consolidated product lines were acquired by the newly created Machine Tool Research, Inc. (MTR). That firm is still in business but no longer does any manufacturing; instead, they are a machine tool rebuilder.

Information Sources

  • According to an advertisement reproduced in the 2016 book, Rochester Made Means Quality, Consolidated Machine Tool was acquired by the Farrel-Birmingham Company in 1951. In 1982 some former employees formed the Machine Tool Research, Inc. (MTR), in Rochester, and purchased the rights to all the product lines of many of the Farrel-Birmingham Co., including the former Consolidated Machine Tool companies.
  • The Rochester factory operated as a division of Farrel until 1983, when the product line was sold to the Conlon Corporation.