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Manufacturers Index - B. F. Barnes Co.

B. F. Barnes Co.
Rockford, IL, U.S.A.
Manufacturer Class: Wood Working Machinery & Metal Working Machinery

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From 1919-10-24 Iron Trade Review (obituary of Frank Barnes)

Benjamin Franklin Barnes was superintendent of W. F. & John Barnes Co. B. Frank Barnes was a brother or cousin of W. Fletcher and John S. Barnes. In 1899, Frank severed connection with his relatives' business and started a new business, B. F. Barnes Co., with a couple of partners, H. C. Marsh and Samuel H. Reck. In 1907 Barnes was forced out of the company, which was renamed to Rockford Drilling Machine Co. B. F. Barnes subsequently formed the Barnes Drill Co.

B. F. Barnes Co. specialized in metal-drilling machines. They also made metalworking lathes.

Information Sources

  • B. F. Barnes received a couple of patents, in 1883 and 1886, but these were both assigned to W. F. & John Barnes Co.
  • According to the EAIA Directory of American Toolmakers, "B. Frank was a brother of W. Fletcher and John S. Barnes, and was part of W. F. & John Barnes Co. until 1896. He apparently worked [for himself] earlier, but this company was not officially chartered until 2 Dec 1899 with H. C. Marsh and S. H. Reck as partners of Barnes. In 1907, B. Frank was frozen out by his partners and formed the Barnes Drill Co.; sometime after that, the name of this company was changed to the Rockford Drilling Machine Co."
  • American Foot Power and Hand Power Machinery by Kenneth L. Cope, 2001 page 14
  • 1899-12-21 American Machinist.

    Allan R. Rea, who, until recently, was connected with the W. F. & John Barnes Company, Rockford, Ill., has resigned to become secretary of the B. F. Barnes Company, of the same city.

    B. Frank Barnes, of Rockford, Ill., has severed his connection with the W. F. & John Barnes Company, same place, and will fill the position of president of the newly formed B. F. Barnes Company, of Rockford, Ill.

  • 1907-06-06 National Corporation Reporter, in a list of new corporations.
    Barnes Drill Company, Rockford: $100,000; B. F. Barnes, H. K. Welsh, J. E. Andrews.
  • 1919-08-07 Iron Trade Review.
    Benjamin F. Barnes, inventor of machine tools and especially drilling machines, and president of the Barnes Drill Co., Rockford, Ill., died suddenly July 29, while on a train at Eau Claire, Wis, on his way home from a vacation. Mr. Barnes was born in Mount Morris, N. Y., March 5, l853. and for about 25 years prior to 1899, he was superintendent of the W. F. & John Barnes Co., Rockport. He then organized the B. F. Barnes Co., and was president from 1899 until 1907, when he organized the Barnes Drill Co., of which he was president from the start. Mr. Barnes was noted for having four hobbies. one for each season of the year. In the spring he hunted mushrooms; in the summer, his chief diversions were automobiling and fishing; in the fall, he spent much time hunting and in the winter, cabinet making received much of his attention.
    The information in the article repeats almost exactly a brief writeup that appeared in the 1917-06-21 American Machinist, in their "Who's Who" section.
  • An email correspondent provided the information that Barnes made metalworking lathes.