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Photo Machine Type Manufacturer Ad Title Price Insert Date
Jointer John A. White Co. John A. White Co. Jointer
Location: Lawrence, MA
$1,000.00 (US) Jul 21 2014 9:44PM
Lathe, Wood Fay & Scott Antique Fay & Scott Lathe
Location: Lawrence, MA
$1,000.00 (US) Jul 21 2014 9:36PM
Jointer Hall & Brown Wood Working Machine Co. 12" jointer #1
Location: northfield, Illinois
$1,100.00 (US) Jul 21 2014 11:25AM
Lathe, Wood Hall & Brown Wood Working Machine Co. Hall & Brown Wood Bed Lathe #16
Location: St Charles, Mo
$1,250.00 (US) Jul 21 2014 10:48AM
Drill Press Buffalo Forge Co. Buffalo Forge Large Wall Mounted Drill Press, 3 in
Location: De Pere, WI
$400.00 (US) Jul 20 2014 6:32PM
Lathe, Metal Logan Engineering Co. Logan 11" Lathe / old style legs and motor support
Location: Petersburg, Virginia
$750.00 (US) Jul 19 2014 10:56PM
Motor Delta Specialty Co. repulsion induction
Location: victoria, British Columbia
$250.00 (CAN) Jul 19 2014 6:17PM
Drill Press Craftsman Tool Co. Craftsman Bench Drill Press 103-23130 15"
Location: Annandale, VA
$200.00 (US) Jul 19 2014 4:01PM
Lathe, Wood Greaves, Klusman & Co. Greaves Klusman 24" lathe
Location: Avon, IN
$1,500.00 (US) Jul 18 2014 9:39PM
Lathe, Metal F. E. Reed & Co. 16" Metal Lathe FE Reed
Location: Orford, New Hampshire
$500.00 (US) Jul 17 2014 4:50PM
Table Saw General Manufacturing Co., Ltd. Canadian General Table Saw model #250 Completely R
Location: Port Moody, B.C.
$650.00 (CAN) Jul 16 2014 8:00PM
Radial Arm Saw DeWalt Products Co. 12" DeWalt Radial Arm Saw
Location: Escondido, CA
$650.00 (US) Jul 15 2014 7:52PM
Jig or Scroll Saw Walker-Turner Co., Inc. Walker Turner Scroll Jig Saw
Location: Lititz, PA
$400.00 (US) Jul 15 2014 12:22AM
Lathe, Metal Canada Machinery Corp., Ltd. (CMC) 18" CMC metal lathe
Location: Napanee, Ontario
$600.00 (CAN) Jul 14 2014 10:02PM
Other Niagara Machine & Tool Works Niagara Stamping Tool Co. sheet metal shear circa
Location: Kempton, Pennsylvania
$1,200.00 (US) Jul 14 2014 1:35AM
Radial Arm Saw American Machine & Foundry Co. (AMF) DeWalt model MBC radial arm saw
Location: Hillsborough, NJ
$50.00 (US) Jul 13 2014 1:23PM
Table Saw Darra-James Corp. DARRA JAMES, LEFT TILT 12" TABLE SAW
Location: redding, connecticut
$395.00 (US) Jul 12 2014 2:18PM
Location: redding, connecticut
$175.00 (US) Jul 12 2014 1:48PM
Radial Arm Saw Walker-Turner Co., Inc. WALKER-TURNER RADIAL SAW
Location: redding, connecticut
$500.00 (US) Jul 12 2014 12:56PM
Lathe, Wood Miami Valley Machine Tool Co. 12" Swing Lathe
Location: Dublin, New Hampshire
$1,350.00 (US) Jul 12 2014 11:05AM
Radial Arm Saw Delta Manufacturing Co. Delta Super 990 Radial Arm Saw
Location: Union, IL
$150.00 (US) Jul 12 2014 6:42AM
Radial Arm Saw Rockwell Manufacturing Co. 1950s Rockwell Delta 10" Super 990 Radial Saw
Location: Madison, WI
$250.00 (US) Jul 10 2014 6:20PM
Jointer Rockwell Manufacturing Co. Rockwell/Delta 8" long bed jointer
Location: centennial, colorado
$700.00 (US) Jul 10 2014 11:58AM
Jointer Delta Manufacturing Co. Delta 6" jointer and no. 667 Cast Iron Base
Location: Atlanta, Georgia
$300.00 (US) Jul 9 2014 11:50PM
Other General Electric Co. General Electric Mangle Motor and Roller
Location: Fresno, California
$125.00 (US) Jul 9 2014 2:13PM
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