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Photo Machine Type Manufacturer Ad Title Price Insert Date
Other Acme Industrial Co. Morgan shook Splicer ( nailing machine). Made by M
Location: Chico, Ca
$15,000.00 (US) Feb 16 2018 11:34PM
Motor Master Electric Co. Master electric motor Type RA
Location: Spring Hill, Florida
$50.00 (US) Feb 16 2018 11:18PM
Jig or Scroll Saw Sears | Craftsman Model 103.0404 Jig Saw
Location: Ocean, NJ
$150.00 (US) Feb 16 2018 4:57PM
Lathe, Wood ACE Waterbury Brass Co 44"Pattern Makers Bench Lathe D
Location: Southbury, CT
$400.00 (US) Feb 16 2018 1:44PM
Combo Machine Woodworking Machinery Co. Electric Carpenter style machine
Location: Fairfax, Virginia
$650.00 (US) Feb 15 2018 9:52PM
Band Saw Delta Manufacturing Co. 2) 14" wood metal bandsaws for sale
Location: Brighton, Colorado
$400.00 (US) Feb 15 2018 6:29PM
Lathe, Metal South Bend Lathe Works Multiple Lathes, Parts, and Accessories
Location: Woodruff, South Carolina
$19,500.00 (US) Feb 15 2018 10:00AM
Lathe, Wood Powermatic Machine Co. Powermatic 45 lathe spindle & parts
Location: Branchburg, New Jersey
$45.00 (US) Feb 15 2018 8:52AM
Lathe, Wood Brodhead Garrett Bowl Lathe
Location: Branchburg, New Jersey
$450.00 (US) Feb 15 2018 8:40AM
Table Saw Sears | Craftsman Vintage table saw model 103.23834
Location: Lockport, IL
$100.00 (US) Feb 15 2018 12:55AM
Sander Mattison Machine Works Mattison 176 edge sander
Location: Dorr, Michigan
$550.00 (US) Feb 12 2018 9:00PM
Other Silver Manufacturing Co. 7' Silver Swing Saw
Location: Southbury, Connecticut
$400.00 (US) Feb 12 2018 6:05PM
Band Saw Jos. O. Colladay & Bros. Jos. Colladay 36" Band Saw
Location: Southbury, Connecticut
$400.00 (US) Feb 12 2018 5:51PM
Sander Sears | Craftsman FREE Disk sander
Location: Sutton, MA
$0.00 (US) Feb 12 2018 1:58PM
Radial Arm Saw Delta Manufacturing Co. FREE Rockwell Radial arm saw on rolling cart
Location: Sutton, MA
$0.00 (US) Feb 12 2018 1:53PM
Band Saw Dennis Machine Co. Dennis Machine Co. Band Saw
Location: Wilton, CA
$2,000.00 (US) Feb 11 2018 8:41PM
Tenoning Machine Powermatic Machine Co. Tenoner
Location: Northport, NY
$1,000.00 (US) Feb 11 2018 5:56PM
Mortising Machine W. F. & John Barnes Co. Seeking Barnes foot powered mortiser chisels
Location: Basin, Montana
$1.00 (US) Feb 11 2018 2:41PM
Table Saw Delta Manufacturing Co. Delta Unisaw Uniguard
Location: Cordova, TN
$149.00 (US) Feb 11 2018 11:03AM
Radial Arm Saw Shopsmith, Inc. Sawsmith Radial Arm Saw
Location: Sacramento, CA
$200.00 (US) Feb 11 2018 2:33AM
Lathe, Wood J. A. Fay & Egan Co. Fay&Egan 400E wood lathe – serial 133817 (c 1924)
Location: Bound Brook, NJ
$0.00 (US) Feb 10 2018 3:37PM
Grinder, Tool and Die Rockwell Manufacturing Co. Rockwell mod #23501 Tool and Die Grinder
Location: Bound Brook, NJ
$450.00 (US) Feb 9 2018 6:25PM
Jointer Rockwell/Delta International of Canada Ltd. WTB Handwheel for Delta Rockwell 6" Jointer
Location: Elmvale, Ontario
$1.00 (CAN) Feb 8 2018 11:14PM
Molder Dependable Machine Co., Inc. Dependable M-146, 4-Head Push Feed Molder + access
Location: Chagrin Falls, Ohio
$10,000.00 (US) Feb 8 2018 6:12PM
Shaper, Wood Rockwell Manufacturing Co. 1972 Delta Rockwell HD Shaper - rough shape
Location: Beaverton, OR
$50.00 (US) Feb 8 2018 12:45AM
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