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Photo Machine Type Manufacturer Ad Title Price Insert Date
Radial Arm Saw Walker-Turner Co., Inc. Walker Turner RA1100 12” Radial Arm Saw
Location: Bound Brook, NJ
$600.00 (US) Mar 23 2018 12:09PM
Jig or Scroll Saw Sears | Craftsman Craftsman Jigsaw 1950s
Location: Santa Barbara, CA
$100.00 (US) Mar 22 2018 10:11PM
Jointer Montgomery Ward | Powr-Kraft Powr-Kraft 5" Jointer, 1956
Location: Santa Barbara, CA
$100.00 (US) Mar 22 2018 10:02PM
Planer, Wood Delta Manufacturing Co. Delta DC-33 planer model 22-660
Location: Plano, TX
$1.00 (US) Mar 22 2018 11:51AM
Band Saw H. B. Smith Machine Co. 36" H.B. Smith Bandsaw for sale
Location: New Milford, CT
$500.00 (US) Mar 21 2018 2:51PM
Table Saw Marcus B. Tidey Late 1800's MB Tidey Table Saw
Location: San Antonio, TX
$500.00 (US) Mar 21 2018 12:54PM
Shaper, Metal Atlas Manufacturing Co. Atlas 7B metal shaper
Location: Grass Valley, CA
$1,400.00 (US) Mar 21 2018 11:48AM
Other Knapp Dovetailing-Machine Co. Wanted: Knapp Pin and Scallop Machine
Location: Princeton, MN
$1,111.00 (US) Mar 20 2018 7:02PM
Drill Press Buffalo Forge Co. Looking for parts - Buffalo Forge Co No. 612
Location: Ivyland, Pa
$0.00 (US) Mar 20 2018 6:56PM
Lathe, Metal South Bend Lathe Works South Bend Precision Lathe - Model A
Location: Simi Valley, CA
$4,500.00 (US) Mar 19 2018 10:15PM
Jointer Northfield Foundry & Machine Co. Northfield MD Jointer head and knives
Location: Hastings, MN
$225.00 (US) Mar 19 2018 2:16PM
Radial Arm Saw DeWalt Products Co. Make it Yourself DeWalt Model MB Power Shop Workbe
Location: Potomac, MD
$1.00 (US) Mar 19 2018 8:17AM
Drill Press Montgomery Ward | Powr-Kraft Power-Craft 12.5" Model TPF 2525A
Location: Ocean, NJ
$75.00 (US) Mar 18 2018 3:45PM
Radial Arm Saw Consolidated Machinery & Supply Co., Ltd. Comet Radial Power Saw
Location: Long Beach, CA
$150.00 (US) Mar 17 2018 7:12PM
Radial Arm Saw DeWalt Products Co. Repair Parts Book for DeWalt Model MB & GS Radial
Location: Potomac, MD
$1.00 (US) Mar 17 2018 7:04PM
Band Saw Jos. O. Colladay & Bros. 36" Jos Colladay Wooden Wheeled Band Saw
Location: Southbury, CT
$400.00 (US) Mar 16 2018 10:04AM
Band Saw Crescent Machine Co. Crescent 32" Band Saw
Location: Southbury, CT
$400.00 (US) Mar 16 2018 9:55AM
Shaper, Wood J. D. Wallace & Co. Wallace model 28 shaper
Location: bellingham, wa
$3,250.00 (US) Mar 15 2018 2:53PM
Engine, Gas and Kerosene - Tractor Wisconsin Motor Mfg. Co. Wisconsin Engine Air Cooled Model AGND 12.5 HP
Location: Long Beach, California
$350.00 (US) Mar 15 2018 10:57AM
Drill Press Chas. G. Allen Co. Leather Belt Drill Press
Location: Brewerton, NY
$600.00 (US) Mar 15 2018 9:41AM
Table Saw Northfield Foundry & Machine Co. Northfield Table Saw (UPDATED)
Location: Kearney, Missouri
$5,000.00 (US) Mar 15 2018 1:46AM
Radial Arm Saw Rockwell Manufacturing Co. Delta-Rockwell 30-C Radial ArmSaw
Location: Yucaipa, CA
$175.00 (US) Mar 14 2018 10:46PM
Drill Press Walker-Turner Co., Inc. Walker-Turner Drill Press
Location: Yucaipa, CA
$75.00 (US) Mar 14 2018 10:38PM
Lathe, Wood Craftsman Tool Co. (NOT Sears | Craftsman) Craftsman Wood Lathe
Location: Yucaipa, CA
$150.00 (US) Mar 14 2018 10:29PM
Other Waltham Machine Works Wanted Early American Machine Tools
Location: York, Pa.
$0.00 (US) Mar 14 2018 8:36PM
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