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Photo Machine Type Manufacturer Ad Title Price Insert Date
Other Lane Manufacturing Co. Lane Shingle Mill
Location: Princeton, MN
$7,500.00 (US) Dec 15 2019 7:23AM
Jointer C. O. Porter Machinery Co. WANTED - 20" C.O. Porter cutter head
Location: columbus, ohio
$0.00 (US) Dec 14 2019 8:41AM
Shaper, Wood Moak Machine & Foundry Co. Moak Model 7 parts
Location: Salem, OH
$100.00 (US) Dec 11 2019 8:01AM
Band Saw Crescent Machine Co. Crescent 32inch Band Saw Direct Motor Drive
Location: Brecksville, Ohio
$1,600.00 (US) Dec 10 2019 7:59PM
Combo Machine Shopsmith, Inc. Shopsmith wood working combo
Location: Hines, Or
$1,000.00 (US) Dec 9 2019 8:39PM
Molder S. A. Woods Machine Co. SA Woods 1954 137M Moulder Machinery
Location: Carbondale, Colorado
$0.00 (US) Dec 9 2019 6:10PM
Molder S. A. Woods Machine Co. SA Woods 1929 137M Moulder Machinery
Location: Carbondale, Colorado
$0.00 (US) Dec 9 2019 5:39PM
Sander Kindt-Collins Co. Kindt Collins Master 24 Inch Sander 220/440 3 Phas
Location: Warren, Michigan
$1,250.00 (US) Dec 9 2019 4:11PM
Drill, Radial Walker-Turner Co., Inc. wanted to buy Walker Turner radial arm drill press
Location: Roscoe, Il
$300.00 (US) Dec 8 2019 12:42PM
Table Saw Magna American Corp. Magna 9" Table Saw
Location: Knoxville, Tennessee
$250.00 (US) Dec 7 2019 5:24PM
Other Yates-American Machine Co., Inc. Yates-American 1155 8 Bay Veneer Press
Location: Natick, MA
$3,000.00 (US) Dec 7 2019 4:46PM
Jointer John A. White Co. White 16" Jointer Sold Pending Payment
Location: Westford, MA
$800.00 (US) Dec 7 2019 11:30AM
Jointer Simpsons-Sears Ltd., Robert Simpson Co. Craftsman Simpsons Sears Ltd
Location: Midlothian, Texas
$125.00 (US) Dec 6 2019 3:47PM
Jointer Northfield Foundry & Machine Co. WANTED northfield jointer
Location: Gainesville, GA
$500.00 (US) Dec 5 2019 6:49PM
Motor Ajax Electric Motor Corp. Ajax- 2hp motor
Location: WOODLAND, CA
$200.00 (US) Dec 5 2019 3:09PM
Motor Atlas Press Co. Atlas AC motor
Location: WOODLAND, CA
$125.00 (US) Dec 5 2019 2:57PM
Lathe, Wood Rockwell International Corp. Parts for a reeves drive from a rockwell 46-450
Location: Oakdale, New York
$75.00 (US) Dec 5 2019 2:29PM
Band Saw Davis & Wells 14" Davis & Wells band saw for sale
Location: Irvine, California
$400.00 (US) Dec 4 2019 7:33PM
Lathe, Metal South Bend Lathe Works Jan. 23, 1906 South Bend Metal Lathe Treasure
Location: Cornelius, Oregon
$500.00 (US) Dec 4 2019 11:57AM
Drill Press Clausing Industrial, Inc. Clausing Reeves Pulley Needed Wanted to Buy
Location: Los Angeles, CA
$50.00 (US) Dec 3 2019 7:49PM
Table Saw Oliver Machinery Co. 232-D Oliver Table Saw
Location: Battle Creek, MI
$990.00 (US) Dec 2 2019 8:31PM
Table Saw Sears | Craftsman 8" table saw
Location: beach park, illinois
$450.00 (US) Dec 2 2019 5:12PM
Table Saw Crescent Machine Co. Crescent #2 Table Saw
Location: Leesport, PA
$250.00 (US) Dec 2 2019 3:57PM
Mortising Machine Powermatic Machine Co. Powermatic 15 Chain Mortiser
Location: Chatham, NJ
$1,200.00 (US) Dec 2 2019 10:46AM
Jointer Rockwell Mfg. Co. Parting out Rockwell/Delta 42 inch jointer
Location: Jacksonville, Florifa
$1.00 (US) Dec 1 2019 4:36PM
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