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Photo Machine Type Manufacturer Ad Title Price Insert Date
Drill Press Rockwell Manufacturing Co. Delta Rockwell Drill Press
Location: Somersworth, NH
$400.00 (US) Jan 18 2020 6:29PM
Planer, Wood Yates-American Machine Co., Inc. Yates American 24 inch x 8 inch Planer
Location: Somersworth, NH
$2,500.00 (US) Jan 18 2020 1:12PM
Jointer S. A. Woods Machine Co. 24 inch woods jointer
Location: Goshen, IN
$500.00 (US) Jan 18 2020 12:54PM
Jointer Yates-American Machine Co., Inc. American 22 inch Joiter
Location: Somersworth, NH
$4,500.00 (US) Jan 18 2020 12:48PM
Table Saw Delta Manufacturing Co. Rip fence with 2 rails for 10" Delta Unisaw.
Location: Cicero, IL
$75.00 (US) Jan 18 2020 12:00PM
Table Saw Rockwell/Delta International of Canada Ltd. Rockwell, Delta, Milwaukee 10” - “Tilty” table sa
Location: Vancouver, Wa
$250.00 (US) Jan 17 2020 10:21PM
Hacksaw, Power Millers Falls Co. Antique Millers Falls Power Hack Saw, Works like N
Location: New Kensington, PA
$1,000.00 (US) Jan 17 2020 5:10PM
Band Saw Chicago Machinery Exchange Antique Bandsaw
Location: Liverpool, Illinois
$1.00 (US) Jan 17 2020 3:17PM
Band Saw Powermatic Machine Co. Powermatic 20in band saw mod 81
Location: Independence, KY
$900.00 (US) Jan 17 2020 2:15PM
Lathe, Wood Arrow Motor & Machine Co. Fay & Scott Woodworking Lathe
Location: Somersworth, NH
$2,000.00 (US) Jan 17 2020 10:36AM
Jointer Crescent Machine Co. Crescent 12" Jointer
Location: Brooklyn, NY
$800.00 (US) Jan 17 2020 8:28AM
Sander Oliver Machinery Co. Oliver 34-DD 30 inch Double Disk Sander
Location: Somersworth, NH
$4,500.00 (US) Jan 16 2020 6:45PM
Table Saw Powermatic Machine Co. Table saw for sell
Location: Valley stream, New york
$1,400.00 (US) Jan 16 2020 11:30AM
Jig or Scroll Saw Delta Manufacturing Co. Delta 40-440 scroll saws/ One complete restoration
Location: moon twp, pa
$995.00 (US) Jan 16 2020 9:28AM
Planer, Wood Powermatic Machine Co. Powermatic 18" Planer
Location: Thomasville, Pa
$3,500.00 (US) Jan 15 2020 8:19PM
Table Saw Delta Manufacturing Co. IN SEARCH OF BLADE GUARD/SPLITTER FOR DELTA 34-500
Location: Port Barrington, IL
$1,234.00 (US) Jan 14 2020 11:14PM
Planer, Wood Northfield Foundry & Machine Co. northfield #7 planer PARTS carbide knives
Location: Gainesville, GA
$123,456.00 (US) Jan 14 2020 8:06PM
Table Saw Sears | Dunlap WTB - Parts for Dunlap (Sears) 103.02041
Location: Ossineke, MI
$1.00 (US) Jan 13 2020 6:18PM
Band Saw Delta Manufacturing Co. WTB Stand for Delta 14” Bandsaw and 6” Jointer
Location: Concord, NC
$123.00 (US) Jan 13 2020 12:44PM
Rip Saw Wadkin Bursgreen Wadkin Bursgreen Gang Rip Saw
Location: Monmouth, OR
$1,950.00 (US) Jan 13 2020 11:16AM
Combo Machine American Saw Mill Machinery Co. Contractors Portable Variety Woodworker
Location: Gravel Switch, KY
$123,456.00 (US) Jan 11 2020 5:10PM
Combo Machine Shopsmith, Inc. Shopsmith 10ER (old version) multi-purpose woodwor
Location: Pittsburgh, PA
$300.00 (US) Jan 11 2020 3:19PM
Other Charles Parker Co. Parker 975 Vise
Location: East Troy, WI
$400.00 (US) Jan 11 2020 12:00PM
Jig or Scroll Saw Delta Manufacturing Co. Looking to buy, 24in delta vintage upper blade ten
Location: Poulsbo, Washington
$100.00 (US) Jan 10 2020 2:45PM
Drill, Radial Cincinnati Bickford Tool Co. Cincinnati Bickford Tool Company Super Service Rad
Location: Belton, TX
$999.00 (US) Jan 9 2020 10:13PM
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