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Photo Machine Type Manufacturer Ad Title Price Insert Date
Table Saw Sprunger Brothers, Inc. Table Saw 10 1/4"
Location: pasadena, USMD
$500.00 (US) Nov 13 2019 9:30AM
Band Saw Delta Manufacturing Co. Delta 14 inch bandsaw
Location: Luverne, Mn
$1.00 (US) Nov 12 2019 5:55PM
Table Saw Sears | Companion wanted parts for companion table saw
Location: horizon city, texas
$0.00 (US) Nov 11 2019 2:28PM
Band Saw Crescent Machine Co. Classic 1905 Bandsaw
Location: Tacoma, WA
$500.00 (US) Nov 11 2019 1:28PM
Lathe, Wood Fay & Scott Fay & Scott pattern makers lathe
Location: Chicago, IL
$2,000.00 (US) Nov 11 2019 12:55PM
Planer, Wood Delta Manufacturing Co. Delta planer 13 x 5 model 22-101 1950's vintage s
$460.00 (US) Nov 10 2019 8:23AM
Table Saw Atlas Press Co. Altas Workshop 8" table saw
Location: Boulder, CO
$50.00 (US) Nov 9 2019 8:42PM
Grinder, Bench Cincinnati Electrical Tool Co. pedistal grinder
Location: fallsington, PA
$500.00 (US) Nov 9 2019 11:04AM
Other Breuer Electric Mfg. Co. Tornado dust collector
Location: Guyton, Georgia
$150.00 (US) Nov 6 2019 8:30PM
Table Saw Delta Manufacturing Co. 1952,Delta/Rockwell Unisaw
Location: Tulsa/Sapulpa, Ok.
$850.00 (US) Nov 6 2019 1:39PM
Band Saw Tannewitz Works Restored 30" Tannewitz PH Band Saw
Location: Chatham, NJ
$4,250.00 (US) Nov 6 2019 1:17PM
Planer, Wood Kneisley Electric Co. Yager K2000 Thickness Planer
Location: Brandon, WI
$20.00 (US) Nov 6 2019 11:13AM
Grinder, Bench Utility Grinder Manufacturing Co. Utility Ball Bearing Grinder
Location: Cameron, SC
$1,650.00 (US) Nov 6 2019 10:44AM
Radial Arm Saw Parks Woodworking Machine Co. Parks folding arm saw model fa 190
Location: Riegelsville, Pennsylvania
$150.00 (US) Nov 4 2019 8:04PM
Planer, Wood Crescent Machine Co. Crescent-Rockwell P-18 Planer
Location: Boulder, colorado
$500.00 (US) Nov 4 2019 7:45PM
Band Saw Sears | Craftsman Sears Craftsman Band Saw
Location: Davis, WV
$150.00 (US) Nov 4 2019 2:16PM
Lathe, Metal Gisholt Machine Co. Vertical Turret Lathe
Location: Ridgeville, South Carolina
$1,500.00 (US) Nov 4 2019 10:59AM
Planer, Wood Yates-American Machine Co., Inc. Yates double sided planer
Location: Charleroi, PA
$4,500.00 (US) Nov 4 2019 7:14AM
Molder Smithway Machine Co., Inc. Smithway Molder
Location: Charleroi, PA
$1,200.00 (US) Nov 4 2019 7:03AM
Overarm Router Nolan Machinery Corp. Overarm Router - Nolan Machinery Corporation
Location: Phoenix, AZ
$400.00 (US) Nov 3 2019 6:42PM
Other Darra-James Corp. / ToolKraft Corp. darra James Scroll saw
Location: Hampton, NJ
$100.00 (US) Nov 3 2019 6:10PM
Jointer Oliver Machinery Co. Oliver Jointer
Location: Charleroi, PA
$350.00 (US) Nov 3 2019 4:32PM
Grinder, Bench Craftsman Tool Co. (NOT Sears | Craftsman) Craftsman 1/3 HP bench grinder
Location: Medina, Ohio
$120.00 (US) Nov 3 2019 1:47PM
Grinder, Bench Craftsman Tool Co. (NOT Sears | Craftsman) Base bushings / grommets / rubber feet 5537401
Location: Medina, Ohio
$4.00 (US) Nov 3 2019 1:29PM
Combo Machine Atlas Press Co. Need parts for Atlas 5010 Disc/Belt Sander
Location: Seattle, Washington
$0.00 (US) Nov 2 2019 2:35PM
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