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Machine Serial Number Registry
Manufacturerd By:
South Bend Lathe Works
South Bend, IN

Registry Detail
Machine Information
Serial Number: _18450
Machine Type: Lathe
Machine Description: 13" gap bed lathe
Owner: Courtney Mead
Manufactuer Date: unknown
Notes: Source=Owner's submission. I bought this lathe at a farm equipment commission sale in April of 2014 for a hundred bucks. I got to speak with the owner afterwards-- he had traded some work for it some years back, and never got around to setting it up, so he figured he'd take a chance at the commission sales. His loss, my gain. The lathe came with a Skinner 3-jaw chuck, a 4-jaw independent chuck that needed new adjuster screws (which I have since made on my Atlas lathe), the original milling attachment, steady rest, follower rest, countershaft assembly for over head drive, milling arbor and some cutters, numerous reamers, and a bunch of other stuff. When I bid on it, I was really interested in it for a friend of mine (who apparently wasn't interested in a machine of that vintage). I figure I saved a nice piece from the scrap heap. Everything was covered with dirt and rust fro many years of storage in a barn. I de-rusted almost every moving bit in the electrolysis tub-- highly recommended!
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