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Machine Serial Number Registry
Manufactured By:
Oliver Machinery Co.
Grand Rapids, MI

Registry Detail
Machine Information
Serial Number: 207387
Machine Type: Scroll Saw
Machine Description: No. 273-D 36"
Owner: George R. Hoelzeman
Manufacture Date: 1987
Notes: No bids received on this machine, which had a $2200.00 starting bid in auction ended 09/04/2013. Then, on 07/16/2015, the new owner commented: This machine was purchased via Ebay from Stephen Hull of Redwood City, CA after several months of watching the auction and an equal amount of time spent trying to get my 1922 model 173 to work. I finally gave up on the 173 and bought this machine. It is in almost new condition. There is a factory installed timer with 22.5 hours of use indicated. Stephen even had the original - not a copy of the original but the actual, original - bill of sale from the Navy in San Francisco when the machine was purchased. On the back of the paper was a note indicating the second owner. The Navy sold it in 2003 with only 19 hours on the meter. It sold for a little over $9,000 new in 1989. It is slightly larger with a higher (and heavier) top than the old 173, with improved lift mechanism on the head and hook mechanism for the blade. It is a dream to use. And yes, that white lamp? Original Oliver and remarkably robust
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