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Machine Serial Number Registry
Manufacturerd By:
Oliver Machinery Co.
Grand Rapids, MI

Registry Detail
Machine Information
Serial Number: 060785
Machine Type: Jointer
Machine Description: No. 166-D 20"
Owner: Jim Facinelli
Manufactuer Date: 1944
Notes: The owner states: "I found this machine in West Hazleton PA the town where I was born over 22 years ago. I paid $1,500 for it then but it was in mint condition and 100% complete. When shut off the motor takes over 1.5 minutes to coast to a stop and its balanced perfectly. I do not have the mounted grinding machine but even if I did I much prefer to keep a back up set of sharpened blades. I have a 36" automatic knife sharping machine so that has been extremely handy. This is also the only machine that "Bit" me and I lost 1/2 of my right hand little finger 20 yrs ago. We run this machine in our mill to flaten 100% of all our wood before we plane it. Since we use a lot of Spanish Cedar because it comes in huge sizes this machine has been a god send. My shop man keeps this and all my antique eguipment in perfect running order. "
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