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Machine Serial Number Registry
Manufacturerd By:
Rockwell Manufacturing Co.
Pittsburgh, PA

Registry Detail
Machine Information
Serial Number: EK8757
Machine Type: Belt/Disk Sander
Machine Description: Upright Disc and Belt Sander
Owner: Appalachi Correctional Institute/State of Florida
Manufactuer Date:
Notes: We recieved this machine less the motor and we have tried and available motor and the speed and torgue requirements apparently have not been met. We ar trying to refurbish for use in our cabinet makers shop. I am the electrician that it has been dumped on! I figure it needs a motor speed of 3400 RPM's to 3450? I would like to get a motor in the proper torque range HP operation! Information derived from the plate is as follows Series#31-71C and the C part is not clear could be 6 or 0 best we can make out. but the Serial # is as submitted EK8757. This is an uproght heavy duty floor Disc/Belt Sander. If you can be of assistance please respond to me at e-mail address robert3eli@bellsouth.net. Thanks for anything you can help with.
Machine Picture
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