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Machine Serial Number Registry
Manufacturerd By:
Oliver Machinery Co.
Grand Rapids, MI

Registry Detail
Machine Information
Serial Number: 057932
Machine Type: Table Saw
Machine Description: No. 270-D 14/16" DMD with rare slider!
Owner: Chuck Hess
Manufactuer Date: 1943.
Notes: Well I usually like to show a machine in my shop and talk about it after I have done at least a little woodwork with it. This time that is not possible but I will post this for the archives anyway. I just brokered the sale of this rare, and very cool, table saw. I owned it for a short while but, unfortunately never had possession of it. I am not a good machinery dealer because I don't like to sell machines this way and once I have a machine in my possession I don't like to let it go, sooooo, the whole dealer thing is sort of a catch 22 for me. Anyway I had been watching this saw for about 4 years wanting to own it myself. A man called me and told me that he used to own one of these and was sorry that he ever sold it, and would like to find another. He was shocked and bewildered when I told him that I knew where this saw was and that I had been watching it for several years hoping to own it myself someday. In view of the facts that I currently own 5 table saws, already own too many machines for my available shop floor space, and could not afford an extravagant purchase like an extra rare table saw right now (since I am setting up a new shop and need a million other things right now), I reluctantly decided to let this saw go. But.... The sick cast arn fever addiction side of me realized that if this deal went south it would be the catalyst to finally make me purchase the rare and sought after Oliver 270D w/ sliding table; a small shred of insanity that a deranged individual like me could still cling to while making otherwise fairly sane decisions. Well happily and sadly at the same time the deal went through and now this saw belongs to a new proud owner who is very sincere in his appreciation for it. The saw came with 1 miter gauge, 1 filler strip, wrench, some blades, tilting micrometer fence and the original owners manual. He also purchased a quadrant gauge from me and intends to have it mounted by a machinist on the sliding table. According to him he had this done on the saw that he previously owned as well. This is only the 4th one of these saws that I have ever heard of, counting the one he sold long ago. He found his new saw, and I'm looking for a new 12 step program. See yall at da fest!
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