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Machine Serial Number Registry
Manufactured By:
South Bend Lathe Works
South Bend, IN

Registry Detail
Machine Information
Serial Number: 17069RKX16
Machine Type: Lathe
Machine Description: 10L (Heavy 10) Bench Egine Lathe
Owner: Hubert Ivey
Manufacture Date: 1968
Notes: Source=owner’s submission. Owner’s comments: This lathe had been in service with the government from 1968 until I purchased it in 2012. It was in near mint condition except the cross feed nut & screw was worn out. It came with a lot of attachments including a complete Rubber Jacobs collet set, an extensive set of ALORIS quick change tool post and tools, a complete set of those cherished metric gears and too many other goodies to list. The 6 drawers are packed full. Complete Machine Info? FED LABEL: LATHE BENCH 10INCH ENGINE AUG 1968 FED SPEC 00-1-125 STD COMMODITY CODE 3416-517-0955 N0 SERIAL NO 17069RKX/16 CONTRACT NO DAAF01-68-C-0228 MODEL NO CLK187AB U.S. PROPERTY MANUFACTURER LABEL: Serial Number 17069RKX16 17069= 17069th lathe built since March 1947 R= Heavy 10 inch (10R or 10L) K= Quick Change Gear (QCG), Friction Feed Apron Underneath Motor Drive (UMD) X=Special i.e. Metric Change Gears & Brass Label Included 16=Model 16 Catalog Number CLK 187AB I have not been able to find the codes for this. Bed Length 4’
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