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Machine Serial Number Registry
Manufacturerd By:
South Bend Lathe Works
South Bend, IN

Registry Detail
Machine Information
Serial Number: 10-25-20
Machine Type: Lathe
Machine Description: 11" Swing / 3' Bed / Cat# 27-Y
Owner: Marvis Vinson Averett
Manufactuer Date: 9-11-13
Notes: Source=owner’s submission. Owner’s comments: I just acquired this machine from an estate in Fresno California. The owner passed away (95 yrs old) 18 months ago. His wife stated that he owned and used this machine for 70 years up until he passed away. She said that all of the parts are original. The machine works very well and I hope to use it in my shop for many years to come. I would like to confirm the manufactured date. (9-11-13) is indicated on the gear door guard.
Machine Picture
Machine Photo