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Machine Serial Number Registry
Manufacturerd By:
J. A. Fay & Egan Co.
Cincinnati, OH.

Registry Detail
Machine Information
Serial Number: 134377
Machine Type: Jointer
Machine Description: No. 506 16”
Owner: William Gautsch
Manufactuer Date: unknown
Notes: She ran as a carpentry shop jointer in a JP Stevens textile mill in Taylors SC. I rented space there and saved her from the scrapper. We wired her up got the rust off wiped her dow and lit her up. Sounded like a projet taking off. Got the original blades resharpened and been using her for twelve years. She is sweet as as a Carolina june peach. We just crank her up now and then to impress customers. They used her for straitening thirty foot 12x14 beams. I dont know what became of her planer mate. First time I moved her she picked the back wheels up on a 5k forklift. I’m selling her to my neighbor. He will take care of her and not let the scrappers get her. I dont know how to attach her picture
Machine Picture
Machine Photo