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Manufactured/Badged by:
Duro Metal Products Co.
Chicago, IL.

Machine Specifications
Machine Class: Wood Working Machinery
Machine Type: Combo Machine
Machine Size: 8" tilting arbor saw and 5" jointer
Submitted By: Mark Howard
Machine Specifications
Description/Model: Table saw F3013 and Jointer F3034 combination mounted on wood and metal table
Date of Manufacturer: Late 40's early 50's
Serial Number: Table saw 752943 and Jointer D15479
Last Updated 12/29/2009 6:10:21 PM

My friend Carl gave this to me about two years ago. It was his Father's who purchased it new. He borrowed it to do some remodeling in his house back in about 1960 and as all good Dad's do, his gave it to him.
The saw and jointer still operate super. It is the original motor although I added a 3 wire cord grounded to the motor housing. I still need to finish re-design with a belt guard and sealing back side of table saw for better dust collection. I was using the jointer and I didn't notice that I had left the miter gauge on the table saw and it vibrated off when it landed it broke much to may dismay. These machines Duro made were designed to operate off of the same motor you either moved it to the other equipment or in the case of this set up the motor mount cantilevers. The tilting arbor has a linkage from the motor mount to it and as you change it the motor stays in line with the blade drive pulley or you set it at 22 degrees and it lines up with the jointer. The weight of the motor is what keeps tension on the belt. Pick the motor up and you can easily add or remove drive belts. I added collectors for dust collection and locking casters to the legs for mobility around the shop.

Photo 1:

Comments: Table saw and jointer mounted on wood and metal work platform had a short job to do and was to lazy to hook up dust collector
Source: myself
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Photo 2:

Comments: back side shows how motor mount cantilevers, also a messy unfinished shop
Source: myself
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