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Manufactured/Badged by:
Baxter Machine Co. (C. M. Baxter)
Lebanon, NH

Machine Specifications
Machine Class: Wood Working Machinery
Machine Type: Jointer
Machine Size: 16"
Submitted By: William Thomas
Machine Specifications
Description/Model: jointer
Date of Manufacturer: 1860s-70s
Serial Number:
Last Updated 8/27/2003 5:47:00 AM

When I bought my first shop this jointer was in it. Subsequent conversations with people who knew the former owner gave me some of its history-including the explanation for the broken castings and angle iron repairs. It seems that the man who set up the shop back in the thirties had bought a planer and this jointer at an auction, and on the way home he lost the rear axle from under his (probably overloaded) truck, dumping the machines out on the road. Both of them suffered extensive damage, but being a blacksmith, and it being the depression (I would have been too!), he carted them home and repaired them.
I don't know the true age of this jointer, but the flanged castings and early design type suggests the 1860s-70s. The worst thing about this jointer was that there was no provision for levelling the tables. It had a two knife square head, and was pretty frightening to use. I unloaded it as soon as I found a better machine. By the way, someone else has another one pictured on the owwm site.

Photo 1:

Comments: the only picture I have. Scanned from a slide
Source: Bill Thomas
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