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Manufactured/Badged by:
Crescent Machine Co.
Leetonia, OH

Machine Specifications
Machine Class: Wood Working Machinery
Machine Type: Table Saw
Machine Size: 12/14"
Submitted By: Burt Hammond
Machine Specifications
Description/Model: No. 2 Combination Saw-Table with Boring Attachment
Date of Manufacturer:
Serial Number: 20658 (View SN Registry Entry)
Last Updated 10/11/2008 1:46:18 PM

This table saw represented my first stationary woodworking power tool. A friend, Kip Elbert allowed me to use his Shopsmith, INCA 550 Planner etc. which gave me time to appreciate the use of a substantial stationary table saw. I liked the INCA 259 tilting table saw (with mortising attachment) and could not justify the expense of it or a Delta/Powermatic Cabinet Saw.

I purchased this saw for $450.00 at Public Auction, June 30. 1984 from Davis Store Fixtures, Inc., 1126 10th St., Rockford, Illinois. The Crescent was on the second floor and had a large 5 HP, 3 PH 1930's Westinghouse motor driving a 4" canvas type flat belt. The boring table (if original) was in extreemly poor shape with severe oil damage. Two and three-wing slot cutters with 1/2" diameter arbors were sitting on the boring table. Wooden user jigs and fixtures indicate this rip-saw table was used for grooving. Like most auctions the steel tooling was sold prior to the equipment. The X12 Surty MFG CO., Saw Guard - Splitter Type (Reference: Catalog "G", Gustafson & Sott Mfg. Co. Chicago - Neal Growney source) and user made dust shoot were customer supplied . The saw's wrench and self-centering chuck were missing.

History of Davis Store Fixtures, Inc.

This 10th Street location is in the Historical Railroad Furniture Manufacturing District, Rockford, Illinois. Rockford employed 1,055 people in furniture factories along Railroad Avenue in 1888. Rockford, at one time, was the second largest furniture-manufacturing center in the U.S. (Grand Rapids, Michigan was first). Most local people associated with the furniture trade were Sweedish. Mr. Morris D. Davis, President of Davis Store Fixtures, Inc. was a Commercial Traveling Representative for Coca-Cola in 1915 and lived as a young single man at the East Side Inn, 104 N. Madison (Historial References are Rockford City Directories from 1915 to 1983 and Furniture Notebook located in Local History section of Rockford Public Library).

1916 Morris D. Davis joined I. A. Webster to form Webster Davis & Co., 111 N. Madison in a wholesale candy business.
1917 Business became Davis Candy Co., 218 East State Street (wholesale and retail confectioners), married Lucile and residence for the couple remained for a while at the East Side Inn, only a few blocks away from the confectionery business. Store fixtures were soon added to the business product line.
1927 Renamed and relocated the business to Davis Fixtures Co., 2305 - 2307 Charles Street.
1933 Married Franceses and was also Treasurer for Blackhawk Wood Specialy Co. (Is this where the No. 2 Crescent Saw came from?)
1935 Relocated business for the final time to 1126 10th Street, Rockford, Illinois.
1938 Rockford City Directory still list business as Davis Fixtures Co. but adds "Manufactures Store, Restaurant and Tavern Fixtures".
1983 Last year business had their long running bold printed entry in the Rockford Directory.
1984 Building and all equipment sold at Public Action, June 30th. Other notable machines at the acution were: Greenlee no. 495 tale saw, Ekstrom Carlson no. 327 Router, Moak ss no. 6508 and Solem planers.

The Sixteen Iron Casting Part Numbers are:

251 Pedestal 252 Concentric disc to raise arbor 253 Bracket-arbor handwheel height adjustment (3 bolt holes) 254 Trunions (2) 262 Babbit bearing covers (2) 265 Stationary arbor plate 266 moveable arbor plate 270 table top

27? or 29? Miter "cut-off Gauge" (no graduated scale) Note: area milled off to allow left side grooving

44? rip fence support base 449 fence 450 fence angle tilt adjustment 462 rip fence guide bar (with 8" graduated scale to the feft of saw blade)

559 large arbor wheel height adjustment 724 Angle adjustment with brass degree scale 1132 Boring attachment's horizontal adjustment brackets (2) 1358? (not clear) Boring attachment vertical adjustment with 2 steel rods

Photo 1:

Comments: No. 2 Combination Saw-Table
Source: Burt Hammond 7/08
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Photo 2:

Comments: Miter Gauge and Boring Attachment
Source: Burt Hammond 8/08
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Photo 3:

Comments: Rear of table top between miter slots
Source: Burt Hammond 6/07
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Photo 4:

Comments: Arbor near saw blade with Babbitt cover off.
Source: Burt Hammond 7/07
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Photo 5:

Comments: Tag to match photo #3.
Source: Burt Hammond 6/07
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Photo 6:

Comments: 1984 Auction Notice showing arn offered.
Source: Burt Hammond 6/07
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