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Manufactured/Badged by:
Yates-American Machine Co., Inc.
Beloit, WI; Roscoe, IL; Liberty, NC

Machine Specifications
Machine Class: Wood Working Machinery
Machine Type: Band Saw
Machine Size: 30"
Submitted By: Dave Potts
Machine Specifications
Description/Model: Y-30
Date of Manufacturer: 1940
Serial Number: (View SN Registry Entry)
Last Updated 8/6/2003 11:37:42 PM

This saw was shipped from Beloit, WI in 1940 to a small suburb of Philadelphia-- Abington, PA. A new school was just built and some nice big machines were ordered to outfit the manual arts shop to help train youngsters for a changing world. Over the next 60 years, several new pieces were added, some to replace equipment that was worn out, others to augment the flow of work and progress in the shop. This saw remained vigilant. She sat in the same place in the shop for those 60 years.... in fact, many layers of floor varnish and gym seal had cemented the saw to the shop's beautiful maple floor.

The last few years were a little rough on the saw. It sat with no tires for quite a few months. The table-tilt gearing was gummed up and some hardware somehow found its way down into the table trunion causing even more binding. Those problems are repaired, new back up bearings for the Size 1 Wright guides are ordered, a broken brake shoe is being brazed, and the saw is ready to hum again. Her top cover is aluminum and her lower barn doors are cast iron. The table must weigh 150 lbs alone..... the trunion is another 70 or 80 at least.

To the teacher's credit, the saw was remarkably well-maintained and taken care of for most of the saw's 60 years. All the tags were in place, no one had given her a coat of Safety Orange, and dust seals, latches, locking pins, and portal covers were all neatly in place. I look forward to getting the saw running.

Photo 1:

Comments: 1400 lbs of dangling iron as I prepare to back my trailer under the saw
Source: from the Abington Metal Shop... next to the wood shop
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Photo 2:

Comments: The saw just fits my basement ceiling.
Source: Take in my basement shop
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Photo 3:

Comments: Born in Beloit
Source: The yates tag at the rear of the saw
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