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Manufactured/Badged by:
Sears | Craftsman

True Manufacturer:
Atlas Press Co., Kalamazoo, MI
Machine Specifications
Machine Class: Wood Working Machinery
Machine Type: Shaper, Wood
Machine Size: 1/2"
Submitted By: Bill Hodgson
Machine Specifications
Description/Model: 101.23810
Date of Manufacturer: 1950's
Serial Number: N/A
Last Updated 2/1/2008 1:29:01 AM

I had seen the ad in Craigslist and 1)wondered where Jamie and Fred were, 2)saw how rough the machine was.

The machine was offered at $100. My first thought was, No freekin way will he sell that thing. I forgot about it for a couple weeks. I went searching for the ad and saw it was still active. A quick email confirmed it was indeed still available.

I made arrangements to drive over Saturday morning. When I arrived the machine had been moved to the front of the garage and oiled down with WD40. Other than that it looked just a decrepit as it did in the picture. He had told me the motor worked, but it probably needed some work. I took a good look and then he fired it up.

That thing shook like Charo. You younguns Google it.

It was easy to see that the motor mount was ill conceived and that allowed the shake. A later inspection also showed a very frayed belt. With that little bit of excitement out of the way, I started giving the mechanicals a look see. It was mostly complete. There was one necessary part missing and the main assembly didn't move like it was supposed to.

He had some other machines in the shop. Some old, some new. We started shooting the sh*t. He was selling off duplicates. His pride and joy was an AMF DeWalt GE 10" RAS. That he was keeping. He had a newer Unisaw in the shop. He had just sold an older contractor saw. I couldn't hold the Unisaw against him, he bought it from his employer for $300. He had a bright, spanky new Delta 15" drill press. He had just sold his 1950's Craftsman bench DP because he needed the bench space. Whatever.

He had a peace sign Rookwell 4" jointer stashed in a corner and a no name router table next to it.

So I go back to the reason I'm there. I hemmed and hawwed. We discussed the shortcomings of the machine. He understood my position.

Here is where I embarrassed myself. He was asking $100. I didn't want to pay near that. I came up with two numbers in my head. One was a kick in the groin. The other, I figured would insult him.

I decided to insult him and offered $30. He didn't push me out of the garage, but he obviously wasn't expecting me to go that low.

He had one other machine sitting out in the middle of the floor. I wasn't looking for one, but it seemed odd to be in the middle of the floor, so I asked him about. He was planning to post it on Craigslist in the next week.

So I took a different tack. I offered a package deal. I'd buy both machines for $50. At this point I figured it was a groin shot. Instead he tells me. "I was thinking $75." We agreed on $60.

As is my twisted practice, I've already disassembled it despite the fact it's about #4 on the restoration queue.

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Comments: As found in the wild
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Comments: Safely Home
Source: Me and my Siny
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