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Manufactured/Badged by:
Black & Decker Manufacturing Co., Ltd.
Towson, MD

Machine Specifications
Machine Class: Wood Working Machinery
Machine Type: Grinder, Bench
Machine Size: 6"
Submitted By: Michael Stapleton
Machine Specifications
Description/Model: Junior Bench Grinder
Date of Manufacturer: 1960's?
Serial Number: 1398176
Last Updated 8/2/2007 2:23:45 PM

When my grandparents died I was lucky enough to be able to snag this from the basement in 1995. Little did I know that this little grinder would become one of the central tools in my efforts to restore old arn! One of these days I'll restore it, but right now I'm too busy using it to clean off rust and buff parts, as well as sharpening the odd lawnmower blade. This grinder has worked countless hours in the 12 years I've had it. A true workhorse. 1/4 HP, but don't tell it that!
I've got it mounted on a General Electric Storage Cabinet. The cabinet was rescued from the top of a dumpster filled up with junk being thrown away from a salvage store. It was originally lime green; I stripped it and painted it toolbox red, mounted it on plywooed and casters, put a ply work surface on it, added a couple handles on the side, and now I have a really cool rolling workstation w/three deep storage drawers! And all it cost me was the paint! I got the casters from the dumpsters of various stores; large sporting goods chain stores throw out displays (metal, casters on bottom) and office supply stores (who throw out desks, chairs, etc. if even slightly defective).

Photo 1:

Comments: The whole shebang
Source: My camera, me, my shop
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Photo 2:

Comments: Obligatory badge shot
Source: Me again
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Photo 3:

Comments: Grinder on a 1960's General Electric Storage Cabinet
Source: Guess who
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