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Manufactured/Badged by:
Brodhead-Garrett Co.
Cleveland, OH

True Manufacturer:
Yates-American Machine Co., Inc., Beloit, WI; Roscoe, IL; Liberty, NC
Machine Specifications
Machine Class: Wood Working Machinery
Machine Type: Lathe, Wood
Machine Size: 12"
Submitted By: Timothy Juvenal
Machine Specifications
Description/Model: J-Line J-170
Date of Manufacturer: ?
Serial Number: J-170 M 789
Last Updated 7/4/2007 8:34:53 AM

An aquaintance of a friend stopped by the shop with two old Powermatic 90's and two J170's on his truck he had just bought as a package deal from a school industial arts department. He only wanted the Powermatics, and offered me the two J-170's as a package deal - both or none. Unable to talk him out of one or more of the Powermatics, and intoxicated by the sight of all that iron on one small flatbed, I became the owner of two J-170's, M788 & M789.

They've been cleaned, sanded, and painted with Rustoleum Proffesional & Farm Equipment paint in Medium Gray and John Deere Yellow. New belts, new 1-1/4" ID x 3-1/4" OD double race bearings. This one has a new 1-1/2 HP motor, new mag starter, new tailstock quill machined from a 3MT rough socket. Runs super smooth - really couldn't be happier with it.

The tool rest banjo locking gear has been adjusted and now slides easy when loosed, and locks tight when locked. The way it works, the long steel rod running the length of the banjo has a larger radius diameter milled on one half of it, forming a long cam. The cam drives the top clamp onto the banjo and bottom clamp onto the bed ways.

The lathe has a switch on the speed change lever that closes when the speed lever is at it's lowest setting, and must be closed for the magnetic starter relay to latch. I adjusted the switch so it worked perfectly, then disconected the wiring.

The Reeves drive on this is really beautiful and had been well-maintained. Changing speeds is smooth and fast.

Photo 1:

Comments: sorry - not possible to get a picture of the lathe without a project on it
Source: tj
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Photo 2:

Comments: tailstock with 3MT live center
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Photo 3:

Comments: tool rest on J-170 M788
Source: tj
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