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Manufactured/Badged by:
Delta Manufacturing Co.
Milwaukee, WI; Jackson, TN

Machine Specifications
Machine Class: Wood Working Machinery
Machine Type: Table Saw
Machine Size: 10"
Submitted By: Tim Leistico
Machine Specifications
Description/Model: Delta Unisaw
Date of Manufacturer: 1940's
Serial Number: unk
Last Updated 1/28/2014 1:24:52 AM

One owner saw. The human element to arn. The Unisaw down in front was purchased new from a famous or semi-famous Delta dealer on Lake St. in Mpls in 1945 after it's owner had returned from Europe in 1945. He purchased the Unisaw with along with other machinery and spent his entire savings from WWII at the same dealer. A Powermatic 8" jointer and a Delta HD Shaper, plus accessories.

In the 1960's the owner had to pack snow (yup, cooling system)around the Unisaw motor while ripping up maple 2X4's to make flooring. Wilst using a Delta 3-knife molding cutterhead in the Unisaw to make oak millwork for a church he was building in Menomonie, WI, hit a knot and bent the arbor. Oops, new arbor.

Last year, same saw,same man, cut up 300 bdft of poplar to duplicate a pair of 3'0" X 8'10" X 2 1/4" stile & rail (mortise/tenon of course) raised panel doors for a semi-famous church in SF. I took a midnight ride to SoCal to pick them up and 19 hours to hang'em. Oops, need brushes and as long as we're at it, new bearings in the original 1 HP motor. The Unisaw is still tuned up like a top.

An aside: The Delta Amercan scroll (on the wall, 11:00) saw was given to the man for his 6th or 7th birthday by his father. Cost $6.75 in 1924-25. A correction to my early post. It has been in my family since new or 83 + years. My late grandfather had it, as did my father. I had it and motorized it when I was not old enough to be allowed to use OWWM's. Thanks TLL

Albert "Obby" Leistico - born Sept 5th, 1918, passed January 27th 2014

Photo 1:

Comments: Delta Unisaw 1945 / American Boy Scroll Saw 1924
Source: My Canon Elph S400 - with permission of A,"Obby" Leistico
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