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Machinery Photo Index
Manufactured/Badged by:
Delta Manufacturing Co.
Milwaukee, WI; Jackson, TN

True Manufacturer:
Crescent Machine Co., Leetonia, OH
Machine Specifications
Machine Class: Wood Working Machinery
Machine Type: Jointer
Machine Size: 8"
Submitted By: Michael Milner
Machine Specifications
Description/Model: Delta-Milwaukee-Crescent 37-301
Date of Manufacturer: circa 1951
Serial Number: 9925-A (View SN Registry Entry)
Last Updated 3/15/2007 4:51:52 PM

The proverbial "one that got away..." Details to follow.

My thanks, once again, to Keith Rucker for helping me to crop these photos.

Update, 3/15/2007:

A transitional jointer, probably made in Leetonia, Ohio, (see Keith Rucker's excellent Crescent history write-up). This single phase machine has many of the Crescent 'light-duty' jointer features, including inverted V tableways, no table lock knobs, drilled and tapped mounting holes for the optional motorized knife grinding and honing attachment, and the four knife 'safety cutterhead'.

Within a few years Delta had done away with the four knife cutterhead, completely changed the fence adjustment mechanism, lengthened and narrowed both infeed and outfeed tables (from 30" x 9 & 3/4" to 33" x 9"), added dovetail and gib tableways, lock knobs, and the familiar three spoke handwheels.

Curiously, even after Rockwell closed the Leetonia factory in 1952, these model 37-301 jointers were still being made and badged 'Delta Milwaukee Crescent' in the new Bellefountaine factory as late as 1954 - check out serial number 112-3057 submitted onto the Photo Index by Steve Goeke.

Photo 1:

Comments: Overall shot of jointer
Source: Jason Spangle
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Photo 2:

Comments: Detail showing inverted V tableways (upper left), and original chromed handwheel
Source: Jason Spangle
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Photo 3:

Comments: Detail of original fence adjusting mechanism
Source: Jason Spangle
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