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Manufactured/Badged by:
DeWalt Products Co.
Leola, PA; Lancaster, PA; Towson, MD

Machine Specifications
Machine Class: Wood Working Machinery
Machine Type: Radial Arm Saw
Machine Size: 16"
Submitted By: Eric Tuck
Machine Specifications
Description/Model: GE 5HP 3PH
Date of Manufacturer: Aug 1950
Serial Number: 656H33 (View SN Registry Entry)
Last Updated 11/7/2006 3:00:32 PM


I acquired this saw from Joe Potter. He brought it all the way to my place from California in the back of Big Red. He generously let me have it in a straight up trade for a Delta High Speed Sensitive Drill Press.

I made a somewhat futile effort to attempt the restoration of the GE by myself. However, with ArnFest, winter, and other time taking obligations approaching, it didn't look as if it was going to happen any time soon. Also, I was having a very tough time disassembling some of the parts. The column is massive and didn't want to come apart. Getting it off the base required cutting one of the bolts and the purchase of a pretty hefty drag link driver.

Just prior to receiving it, I had also acquired three DeWalt 3526 Long Arm RAS's. One was missing its stand. So, basically, it was 2-1/2 saws. I suppose that I would have tried to cobble together one working saw from them had the GE not come along.

However, I contacted Wolfe Machinery about selling/trading them those saws. We worked out a deal to use them as a machinery rebuild allowance in the restoration of my new GE. So, I took all four (3-1/2) down to Johnston, IA about a month and a half ago. My parts total came out a bit higher than expected. They were pretty liberal in what they gave me as an allowance for my trade. But, inevitably, I did have to shell out some money for labor. I was quite alright with that total and am happy that I decided to proceed.

The saw was ready for ArnFest. But, with unpredictability of weather and no real place to put it when I got home, I opted to not have it picked up and brought to me there. So, I went down this past weekend to go retrieve it. It meant only 200 miles on the saw rather than about 700.

The list of parts and repairs includes:
Machining of the ways
8 new roller head bearings
new motor bearings and cooling fan
new elevation screw (inside the column)
new guard cover
new lower guards
new return mechanism
new column cap
new maple table surface
mostly new hardware
new wiring
caution stickers including the cool one with the severed fingers and blood

Motor Serial Number: 656H33
Column Serial Number: 84664

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