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Manufactured/Badged by:
Rockwell Manufacturing Co.
Pittsburgh, PA

Machine Specifications
Machine Class: Wood Working Machinery
Machine Type: Drill Press
Machine Size: 20 ince
Submitted By: Phillip Smith
Machine Specifications
Description/Model: Rockwell/Delta 20" Drill Press with Power Feed
Date of Manufacturer:
Serial Number: 1629675 (View SN Registry Entry)
Last Updated 9/4/2006 12:00:00 AM

Photo's of the machine before restoration are posted separately. Once I got the drill press home it was obvious that it had been carefully aged outside in the weather for long time. Drill press was competely taken apart and most of the items cleaned with electrolyis tank. Machine is painted with Rustoleum hammered metal finish paint, silver and black. Bearings in the power feed mechanism and motor were replaced. Once I began to take the drill press apart it was clear that it had seen essentially no use. No holes in table and essentially no wear on the power feed mechanism. Outside of the weather damage to bearing I found two easily fixed mechanical problems. 1. The shoulder which holds the set screw was broken off the gear that raises the table. I drilled and tapped the gear for new setscrew. 2. The spring which works the stop on the power feed was broken. Turned spring around and stop works fine now.

All of the bearing which water could find were trashed. This included the bearings in the power feed mechanism and motor bearings. The motor was locked up when the drill press arrived from trashed bearings. The motor housing looked like at times there was approximately 3/8" water standing inside the motor based on rust line in the fan housing. With new bearing motor runs like new.

The drill press is now assembled and connected to VFD for speed controll. This is nice upgrade to the 17" Deltal import that it is replacing. Will donate the import to son when he has a place to put it.

Photo 1:

Comments: Front view of drill press
Source: my camera
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Photo 2:

Comments: Side view showing power feed on motor
Source: My camera
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Photo 3:

Comments: Little import meets granddad. Picture of Rockwell 20" with the 17" Delta import that it is replacing. The head on the Rockwell still has about 4 to 6 inches of vertical travel to go.
Source: my camera
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