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Manufactured/Badged by:
Crescent Machine Co.
Leetonia, OH

Machine Specifications
Machine Class: Wood Working Machinery
Machine Type: Jointer
Machine Size: 8"
Submitted By: Alan DuBoff
Machine Specifications
Description/Model: 8" Jointer
Date of Manufacturer: 1920s
Serial Number: 44560 (View SN Registry Entry)
Last Updated 9/1/2006 5:04:07 AM

This is an older Crescent 8" Jointer which was recovered from San Juan Batista, from a great old galoot retired and restoring his house. He bought it from his next door neighbor, an even old galoot, that sold it to him before he died. May he rest on clean arn.

It seems the babbitt bearings were repoured recentely as it is very sound, but I haven't opened up the casings yet.

Doesn't have a motor (I seem to acquire owwms with no motors:-/). Looking forward to getting it running.

This machine was originally run on flat belts, AFAIK, and has babbitt bearings. The guard is handmade with the frame hand forged and attached to the cast iron base.

It seems to have some old paint on top of what might be the original black finish, and the front seems like it was cleaned. The top tables are scraped like most older cast tables.

This has the safety head, opposed to the older square heads. A nice 3HP motor and this will be one nice machine.

Photo 1:

Comments: Full view of the front of jointer
Source: seller
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Photo 2:

Comments: Name on front of machine
Source: seller
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Photo 3:

Comments: rear of fence
Source: seller
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