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Manufactured/Badged by:
Chicago Machinery Exchange
Chicago, IL

Machine Specifications
Machine Class: Wood Working Machinery
Machine Type: Band Saw
Machine Size: 27 in
Submitted By: John Orvis
Machine Specifications
Description/Model: actually measures27 in not 26
Date of Manufacturer: 19 - teens
Serial Number: unk
Last Updated 7/21/2007 12:20:39 PM

Saw this in the owwn classyfieds and since I was in MT at the time gave it a shot. I done paid so it be mine as soon as I get it over 2 mountain ranges- read daunting logistics. I first thought this was a Silver but the ribbing on the upper arm,detachable upper wheel/adjustment and gross and fine height/tension adjustment changed the name of that tune. Investigations continue.

9/15/06 update. My b-i-law and his pal went over to get it and even put it in my shop "so it wouldnt rust up".I'll be seeing it in a couple of weeks and cant wait.

10/5/06 Went over to close the joint down for the winter saw the beastie for the first time in the buff. She's all there and fits in to the space well, Just the right size for my plans to deforest a signifcant portion of Westrn MT. It will be a lot of work ( the BS rework) to restore but straight forward. The paint under the CMExchange is like a dark Delta gray but the balance of the machine is black and no bondo. The only markings I could see without a massive cleanup were N4 cast into the table trunnion (not frame trunion) & B30 cast into upper wheel (gibbed- removable) base.
07/20/07 I measured it at 27" will be over in a week and will begin the process.

Photo 1:

Comments: Nice profile
Source: Former Owner JW Hughhes
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Photo 2:

Comments: Removable upper assembly
Source: Former Owner JW Hughes
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