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Manufactured/Badged by:
Sears | Craftsman

True Manufacturer:
Atlas Press Co., Kalamazoo, MI
Machine Specifications
Machine Class: Wood Working Machinery
Machine Type: Table Saw
Machine Size: 8"
Submitted By: Brian Kachadurian
Machine Specifications
Description/Model: 101.02143 Tilt Arbor Bench Saw
Date of Manufacturer: ~1941
Serial Number: none
Last Updated 12/13/2011 11:03:19 AM

Craftsman/Atlas model 101.02143, 8" tilt arbor bench saw.
Arbor-5/8", 16"W x 20"D cast iron top, 3/4" x 3/8" miter gauge slots.
Classic pre-WWII Craftsman blue paint color.
Complete with original miter gauge, guard, throat plate, fence, fence micro adjustment and BOTH dust doors.
28-tooth elevation rack.
Full cast iron base--this is one heavy 8" bench saw!
Built in dust chute around blade.
The table extensions are actually laminated strips of wood bolted to the top, by one of the previous owners.

Dunlap model 115.5652, single 1/2" shaft with ND ball bearings.
1/3hp, 5.6A, 110V, 60cy.
Serial or factory number: B-1
Manual thermal reset button.
Equipped with a Delta 5400 (4") pulley.

A fellow OWWMer, Chad Fernandez, ran across this saw and complementary jointer at a garage sale, in Marshall Michigan.
The combo did not sell, so Chad put me in contact with the seller.
I bought the combo, on 13Aug2006, at the seller's barn in Marshall Michigan (1-1/2hr drive).
He told me both machines came from his grandfather.

Photo 1:

Comments: Left 3/4 view
Source: Canon S230, on my driveway, in the Detroit sunshine.
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Photo 2:

Comments: Front view of base
Source: Canon S230, on my driveway.
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Photo 3:

Comments: Dunlap motor and mount assembly
Source: Canon S230, on my drvieway.
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