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Manufactured/Badged by:
Sears | Dunlap

True Manufacturer:
King-Seeley Corp.-Central Specialty Division, Ann Arbor, MI; Ypsilanti, MI
Machine Specifications
Machine Class: Wood Working Machinery
Machine Type: Jig or Scroll Saw
Machine Size: 11 inch
Submitted By: Bill LaMorris
Machine Specifications
Description/Model: 103.0408
Date of Manufacturer: 1942 (approx.)
Serial Number:
Last Updated 3/22/2017 2:13:47 PM

Acquired at a local estate sale.

[ADMIN NOTE 2017-03-22: added manufacturer, model and date information based on a similar machine with 103.0408 cast into it. See
http://owwm.org/viewtopic.php?p=1247194 where it says this model scroll saw appeared in the '41 to '43 catalogs.]

Photo 1:

Source: Nikon Cool Pix LaMorris Labs
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