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Manufactured/Badged by:
Duro Metal Products Co.
Chicago, IL.

Machine Specifications
Machine Class: Wood Working Machinery
Machine Type: Jig or Scroll Saw
Machine Size: 30"
Submitted By: George R. Hoelzeman
Machine Specifications
Description/Model: B-3007
Date of Manufacturer: 1950?
Serial Number: B07124VJ (View SN Registry Entry)
Last Updated 1/28/2018 8:55:21 PM

Don Smith of Sacramento acquired this saw from an indivdual who got it from a local newspaper (more information as I find it). Don passed it to me.

This is Duro's largest scrollsaw with a 30" throat and weighing in at 141 pounds. Table is 15"x15" with a 1/3hp 1ph GE motor. From what I can tell and from what Don tells me, most of it is original, with some modifications over the years to the spring and dust blower. Overall, its in very good condition, but I'm going to go through it and (probably) repaint it. Interestingly, its a 3 speed machine.

The only serious flaw is the trunnion that got broken between loading and unloading - not sure where, but hopefully I'll be able to replace it.


Other issues that became apparent center on modifications by a previous owner (probably a newspaper hired mechanic). The rocker arm/spring mechanism was replaced with a vertical riser and spring, which does not yet work properly. Also, various plates were added to the cover over the belt. It also appears that the motor mounted pulley was replaced with a four groove pulley. This creates some issues with pulley tension, but a smaller belt make do the trick.

In addition, the air hose attachment was moved from the blade guide to the nose of the arm, and the electricals were reworked. The lamp is not original, but likely dates from the same era as the saw. Wierdly, there is no means of routing the air hose through the housing without crimping it. I suspect that the open stand originally designed for this saw allowed for such routing.

Photos below show the restored state of the saw. The color scheme was inspired by something I saw here in the photo lists: Rust-o-leum hammered light and dark grey with metallic black for some accents (lamp cover, riser cover, table underside.

Overall, the saw cleaned up and painted well. If I can get the situation with the spring solved, its going to serve me remarkably well.

And for the curious, I replaced the broken trunnion with one I made of wood. It works - at least until I find a more permanent solution.

Thanks to Don Smith for this machine and great conversation when I picked it up.

Photo 1:

Comments: Sitting in my shop, waiting for rejuvenation. Heavy castings for a saw of its size.
Source: George Hoelzeman
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Photo 2:

Comments: Side of restored saw. Never clean a tag with carburator cleaner. Plates, etc. removed from swinging pulley cover.
Source: George Hoelzeman
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Photo 3:

Comments: Other side of restored machine. I had the rolling table so put it into service for this saw. It runs very well, if I can figure out the spring problem.
Source: George Hoelzeman
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