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Manufactured/Badged by:
Powermatic Machine Co.
McMinnville, TN; La Vergne, TN

Machine Specifications
Machine Class: Wood Working Machinery
Machine Type: Table Saw
Machine Size: 12"/14"
Submitted By: Mike Mantel
Machine Specifications
Description/Model: Model 71
Date of Manufacturer:
Serial Number:
Last Updated 11/17/2016 1:18:19 PM

The Story :
While at a local junk yard in Arnprior, Ontario/Canada the other day
I drove by this Table Saw, the left tilt caught my eye
as I had been looking for one for a while now .

I jumped in the van and headed back up there for the second time in 96 hours .
Only a 35 min drive from Ottawa , of course it was a nice clear day .
Till I had to load/dissasemble the table saw , the rain started when
I left the van and ended when I got back in .
Oh well what another day in the rain for a saw that sat outside this winter in the snow.
I broke a part of the raise and lower mechanics while trying the handwheels, where
it sat , I'll see if I can repair or order a new one off PM USA, the part that I needed was
found on the bay ,

Strange to find a Powermatic machine up here in Canada as
Powermatic has never been sold in Canada as far as I know .

Machine was totally striped down inside and out , some previous owner has cut
and extra 5" round hole in the back side of the machine , and inlarged the
side motor hole to accomidate the longer motor .( butcher job )
Has steel bottom at floor level with no raise plythn base
will be a pain to level , considering its 1/8" higher than my present set up
So i'll have to raise all the other saws 1/4" to match
Missing is the motor cover and the front dust door .

The Machine:
A Powermatic No 71
12" Left Tilt with 1" arbor
7.5 Hp 575 Volt 3450 rpm 3 phase Baldor motor
that will be replaced with a smaller HP /weight motor
( I believe that why it ended up there , motor is just to heavy for the
gears/worm drive on the saw )
came with parts of the original tube fence ( tossed )
came with two side table extensions ( don't want/ ya need ?)
34 1/4" floor to table top.
Finally my quest for a cheap half decent left tilt is Over , and I don't need any
other type of tablesaw.
This saw will sit right beside a General 350 Right tilt tablesaw, opposite a
2HP Unisaw ( dadooing )that sits beside a SAC slider , that shares the tables
to the 8 ft Hendrick .
I'll have 5 table saws in the same table set up.
Shouldn't have to change blades as often now .

1 st picture is how I found it ( before Junk yard photos )
2nd and 3rd are the rebuilt and repainted pictures

Photo 1:

Comments: Before , junk yard photo
Source: Mike Mantel
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Photo 2:

Comments: after rebuild & repaint
Source: Mike Mantel
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Photo 3:

Comments: after rebuild & repint
Source: Mike Mantel
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