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Manufactured/Badged by:
DeWalt Products Co.
Leola, PA; Lancaster, PA; Towson, MD

True Manufacturer:
American Machine & Foundry Co. (AMF), New York, NY
Machine Specifications
Machine Class: Wood Working Machinery
Machine Type: Radial Arm Saw
Machine Size: 9"
Submitted By: joe youngs
Machine Specifications
Description/Model: MBF 229
Date of Manufacturer: 1956
Serial Number: 227631
Last Updated 5/10/2018 4:38:55 PM

While at someone's house for a completely different search (a bandsaw), which i purchased, I noticed the DeWalt in the garage. So I asked if it was a project and he stated it was until he burnt the motor up. Said he knew little about electrical and less about motors, "why, do you want it?" he asks. I most certainly did and especially when he said I could have for the cost of getting it out of his garage(free).
So I brought it home, did some schematic searches and realized his attempt to rewire the thing was way off. A sniff test called the "burnt up" into question. So I cut all the wires, did some resistance and continuity testing which checked out and decided I'd rewire it to see what would happen. Other than the bearings being bad it fired right up. So a restoration is currently in progress. No kickback pawl and no AMF badge otherwise in decent shape IMO.

Photo 1:

Comments: Saw as received and pieces parts on the bench.
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