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Manufactured/Badged by:
Burlington Sander Co.
Burlington, WI

Machine Specifications
Machine Class: Wood Working Machinery
Machine Type: Sander
Machine Size: 24"
Submitted By: Greg Ouellette
Machine Specifications
Description/Model: 24" Drum Sander
Date of Manufacturer: 1960??
Serial Number:
Last Updated 3/16/2018 1:11:25 PM

Acquired this locally. Previous owner bought it from a High School Vocational shop here in Maine. There is no information on this unit.

Here's a chronology of the Krumbach Co. that became Burlington Sanders. The 1965 Pictorial News-Advertiser article has a few photos in it. The 1985 Special Industry Section has some history of the firm.

F 04-06-1944 Klein Beverage Co. building at corner of Pine & Mill sts., owned by Andy Adam, has been rented by Krumbach Manufacturing Co. of Highland Park, Ill., which will manufacture doll furniture; expects to employ 80 to 100 persons, mostly women, by fall. Also in S 4/7/44. F 5/11/44 - Krumbach Manufacturing Co. started operations at its plant in the former Klein soft drink plant on Pine st. S 4/14/44 - to start output soon.

F 11-30-1944 Krumbach Manufacturing Co., located in former Klein Beverage Co. building on corner of Pine & Mill sts., is currently employing 60 to 70 workers, mostly women.

F 12-14-1944 Krumbach Manufacturing Co. temporarily released employees to work at Burlington Mills on rush order for war work; most were formerly Mills employees. Also in S 12/15/44.

S 10-12-1945 Krumbach Manufacturing Co. employing 60 men and women; history of firm; located in former Klein Beverage Co. plant.

F 08-08-1946 Krumbach Manufacturing Co. sold; now called Burlington Wood Products Co., a division of Apex Paper Box Corp.; Charles Loding, manager. Also in S 8/2/46.

S 01-01-1959 William Krumbach Co. - article.

S 1963 Centl. Industry, part 1: Will Krumbach Co., Chestnut st., making wood and metal shapers and sanders - article. Ad and photo of sander in Industry, part 2.

PNA 10-11-1965 Krumbach Corp. - Burlington Sander - article, photos.

PNA 12-20-1965 John William Krumbach obituary

S 02-19-1973 Burlington Sanders moved from 155 W. Chestnut st. to new building on Hwy. 36 just north of city limits - Charles Robinson.

S Nov. 1985 Burlington Industry - Special Sesquicentennial Section - included article on Burlington Sanders, 2909 Wegge rd. - Mr. & Mrs. Charles Robinson (wife is daughter of Will Krumbach, first owner).

S 05-06-1998 2 acre site off Milwaukee ave. at 2909 Wegge rd., owned by Charles Robinson, rezoned from light manufacturing to commercial; owner contested action.

Photo 1:

Comments: Back of Sander
Source: Greg Ouellette
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Photo 2:

Comments: Front of sander
Source: Greg Ouellette
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Photo 3:

Comments: Name plate
Source: Greg Ouellette
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Photo 4:

Comments: Filter
Source: Greg Ouellette
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Photo 5:

Comments: Motor Nameplate
Source: Greg Ouellette
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