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Manufactured/Badged by:
Manning, Bowman & Co.
Meriden, CT

True Manufacturer:
Manning, Bowman & Co., Meriden, CT
Machine Specifications
Machine Class: Metal Working Machinery
Machine Type: Grinder, Bench
Machine Size: 4-1/2"
Submitted By: David Holmes
Machine Specifications
Description/Model: 71504
Date of Manufacturer: Post 41' McGraw-Edison Acquisition
Serial Number: None
Last Updated 8/7/2017 11:09:12 AM

I went to my Mom's neighbors today to visit, and ask to borrow a mowing blade for my scythe snath, and as I was leaving he mentioned that he had a "Micky Mouse Grinder" that I could have if I liked, so I said yes, and he came out with this cute little machine.
The coolest part about it is that just yesterday, while digging drainage ditches in my yard, at the base of one of my outbuildings I dug up an old timey Manning-Bowman finishing sander! I had not heard of the company til' yesterday, then today I have one of their functional machines, though it sounds like it needs new bearings, tool rests, shields, and the light does not come on. Easy fixes all, so I will restore it as best as I can to make it serviceable for use in my future shop.
Another fun thing is that I know where another one of these is for sale at a shop I frequent. I had looked at it, but not being familiar with or needing it I had passed, even though it could be mine for a paltry sum of like $10 or something really cheap like that. Now that I may need a back-up parts machine, it might be worth it to go trade something I don't need for the extra operational unit. The owner there likes me as far as I know, and sometimes gives me freebies or lets me snatch up something when I have no money but can come back and pay him later, so that extra grinder is as good as mine now.
Apparently, from the limited research I have time to commit to this tiny machine, Manning-Bowman did not even manufacture it, but it carried their branding, like Craftsman products and the like. It's not going to happen soon, but eventually I would like it to be in use for grinding HSS tools for a 1/4 lathe tool post. Seems like it would be just fine for hobby lathing, and it's compact footprint make it useful with jigs fashioned accordingly for possibly sharpening kitchen knives and the like.
My Mom's neighbor took me into his lair, and reached up into his ceiling, withdrawing a burlap wrap containing two very well maintained, cared for and used mowing scythe blades, which made my jaw drop, but when I told him I'de keep them just as nice as they were, and return them in like shape, he said to only return one, and so now I have one to keep. That's just part of the story of why and how I ended up with the grinder, but it is relevant since when you love old tools and machines, you have to go around and meet folks and be kind and decent to them, and sometimes you find out that they like the stuff you do and have hordes of it. There's nothing better than getting advice from an "old Timer", and I treasure every moment of the time I spend with my Mom's neighbor.

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Comments: This is it, it runs, will be made nice when I get a chance
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