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Manufactured/Badged by:
Holbrook & Sons
Stratford, London, England

True Manufacturer:
Holbrook & Sons, Stratford, London, England
Machine Specifications
Machine Class: Metal Working Machinery
Machine Type: Lathe, Metal
Machine Size: 16x36
Submitted By: Britt Bettell
Machine Specifications
Description/Model: Holbrook, C-16
Date of Manufacturer: 1949 (approximate)
Serial Number: 7658 LH
Last Updated 7/10/2017 3:50:11 PM

Sold by Centaur Tool Works, Eyre Street, Birmingham. Approximate date of construction is 1949. Actual swing of lathe over the bed is 17.5" Distance between centers is approximately 36". Machine is 8'9" in length and weighs approximately 5800 pounds.

I purchased this lathe off of craigslist two years ago from the son of a machinist who had died in 1995. The machine languished in a half rotted shed, and was flooded half-way up the bed in 2001 during Tropical Storm Allison. The motor, two-speed gear box, clutch, and brake were full of water and rusted to nothing. The electrical cabinet was in the same condition. Fortunately, the quick change gear box, apron, and gear train between the QCGB and spindle were in excellent condition, along with the spindle bearings, and ways. I dismantled the machine once back in my garage, cleaned what needed cleaning, re-lubricated and re-wicked, and painted before I reassembled. The base casting hasn't been addressed yet.

As the 7.5 HP three speed motor was 440V only, and it had sat in water for ages, I discarded the original drive and went with a 5HP Leeson, six-pole motor. A 10HP VFD powers the machine.

Photo 1:

Comments: 1949 Holbrook C-16.
Source: This is my photograph
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Photo 2:

Comments: 1949 Holbrook C-16
Source: My Photograph
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Photo 3:

Comments: 1949 Holbrook C-16. Shot over the carriage.
Source: My Photograph
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