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Manufactured/Badged by:
Blue Star Products
Fairfield, IA

True Manufacturer:
Heston & Anderson, Fairfield, IA
Machine Specifications
Machine Class: Wood Working Machinery
Machine Type: Band Saw
Machine Size: 12 inch
Submitted By: Curtis Garrett
Machine Specifications
Description/Model: 12G S
Date of Manufacturer: 1939/40 Aprox.
Serial Number: 400098
Last Updated 11/13/2016 10:29:59 PM

This Blue Star 12" band saw was bought by a friend in Austin, TX at an estate auction in San Antonio for $32

I did a complete tear down restoration for him sandblasting the entire saw/stand down to bare metal. Band Saw is on the optional rare cast iron stand to make this a "floor model" per the Blue Star 1939/41 catalogs. The motor that came with this saw is Brunner Compressor Co. of Utica, NY 1/4-HP, 1725 rpm, 1/2" keyed shaft that was hand date stamped 03-1935 and is a very HEAVY huge 1/4-hp motor. This BS has flat factory machined cast iron wheels with no crown to them so blade is kept on center with the lower thrust bearing via very slight friction. All factory casting were very rough and I smoothed them all out and filled where low well beyond what H&A/Blue Star would have required. Saw has all new electrical cord and a 20 amp toggle switch in a metal box in the same factory drilled holes in the stand for the optional switch Blue Star offered. Had a new 1/4" wide 78" blade made for it for $9 dollars and bought a new Gates 41" V-Belt.
Note about the front wheel cover; I have not see this solid type design (non-snow flake) in any Blue Star catalog.

Band saw main casting is painted in DuPont Imron two part Industrial fleet color dark green.
Base stand and all grey parts are painted in my 'King-Seeley" grey two part Awl Grip polyurethane.
Front blade cover is painted in Awl Grip Bright Aluminum Silver.

Weight: 135 lbs. (Band saw/stand)
Stand: 35 lbs.; 25" height; 3" motor shelf travel adjustment
Brunner Motor: 40 lbs.
O/A Band Saw Height: 60 inches (on stand)
Re-saws stock to 6 inches
Saws out to 12 inches
Table tilts to 45 degrees
78" blade length
Blade guides are bronze 5/16" square Oilite type
Four bronze "Oilite" bearings on lower/upper wheel shafts with manual oilers
Cast aluminum alloy parts: table and trunion, front cover, blade guard, upper/lower blade guide castings

Photo 1:

Comments: Band Saw in condition as received
Source: C.Garrett
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Photo 2:

Comments: Restored front view on stand w. Brunner 1/4-HP motor
Source: C.Garrett
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Photo 3:

Comments: Front view w. cover open
Source: C.Garrett
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Photo 4:

Comments: Under table view w. origianl Heston & Anderson brass ID tag.
Source: C.Garrett
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Photo 5:

Comments: Rear view w. drive pulleys and belt.
Source: C.Garrett
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Photo 6:

Comments: Brunner 1/4-HP 1725 rpm motor
Source: C.Garrett
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