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Manufactured/Badged by:
Oliver Machinery Co.
Grand Rapids, MI

Machine Specifications
Machine Class: Wood Working Machinery
Machine Type: Shaper, Wood
Machine Size: Double 1 1/4" Spindle
Submitted By: Chuck Hess
Machine Specifications
Description/Model: 288-T
Date of Manufacturer: 1958
Serial Number: 90942 (View SN Registry Entry)
Last Updated 11/14/2008 10:52:01 PM

Oliver #288-T double Spindle Shaper 1958 vintage
This shaper was really a blessed deal for me in several ways, I got a great price on it through TMS, the freight from Mississippi to Maui was only $444, and it had the original Oliver Manuel with it. I will also add that the shaper is my favorite machine and this is my favorite shaper, even though I have 4 Oliver shapers. The shaper did not have a fence but did come with most of the table rings and some really nice dust hoods to pick up the dust chutes under the table. This is the kind of stuff that almost always seems to be missing. I also had an original wrench and ball bearing roller holdover; very rare; from another shaper deal.
This was an easy restoration for me, the only real apology is that it is missing the little cast iron door in the middle front of the base. She is very heavy; my 6000 pound forklift does not like to pick this one up. The brochure puts the crated weight at 2600 lbs. but it seems like a lot more to my forklift and me. Maybe that's 2600 pounds just for the top? The 1 " shafts were very smooth and true and I did not do anything to them at all. The machine was painted camo when I got it; I guess they hunt with these down in Ms. I would hate to bump into the dude that can carry this through the woods! So it was mostly a teardown and repaint job, you know the drill. The electricals were in very good condition. I really like the pushbutton switches in the front drop edge of the table. Those are cool! I also like the foot operated brake/cutoff switches on Oliver shapers. Nice! It has 2 -5 HP motors transferring via flat belts to the shafts. The shafts are 24" on center and turn at 7200 RPM. The motors are 480 volts only. We were running this on a step up transformer from 208 volt 3 phase and thought it was great. But now that we have a 480 volt service and we're not using the transformer, it is even stronger.
The shafts turn opposite directions so it's awesome for radius work if you have 2 cutters you can always be going with the grain. 2 Shafts are also great for cope and stick setups for 1 " thick doors. We don't use this machine for cope and stick of cabinet doors I guess because we have other machines setup for that. But this is my shop's molder; I run crowns, bases, casings and misc. trim on this shaper. For some reason it seems so easy to change cutters on this machine. The shaft locks are very positive and it is a joy. However I do not enjoy changing cutters on my other shapers. This one does a great job and we've run some fairly large moldings on this baby and never slowed it down. The pukas in the table are 11" in diameter and take 3 table rings to fill them up. With both shafts turning I can balance a dime on edge on the table. Did I say that I love the large table?
Aloha, Chuck

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Comments: Double Spindle Shaper twice as nice
Source: My beautiful wife's camera.
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Comments: My analyst told me 2 heads are better than 1.
Source: My beautiful wife's camera.
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Comments: Hard to find accesories.
Source: My beautiful wife's camera.
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