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Manufactured/Badged by:
Powermatic Machine Co.
McMinnville, TN; La Vergne, TN

Machine Specifications
Machine Class: Wood Working Machinery
Machine Type: Table Saw
Machine Size: 12"
Submitted By: Don Lehman
Machine Specifications
Description/Model: Model 71
Date of Manufacturer: 1961
Serial Number:
Last Updated 3/1/2005 3:20:53 PM

This saw was recently sold on ebay. I watched it and watched it with my finger hovering over the bid button. I didn't bid because I didn't need it at all. But I really liked it and I thought it was a good value, particularly with the full width cast iron table extension.

After the auction closed, I contacted the buyer about the possibility of posting pictures here. It turns out Pete is a long time lurker and has used the site for research. The saw is currently undergoing a limited rebuild and there are no new pictures, but here are the ebay scrapings.

Interesting features:
- Full width cast iron table extension
- Non-plinth stand. The model 65 is shown with a plinth in the 1960 catalog, but the 71 hasn't gotten "upstyled" yet.

Photo 1:

Comments: Front View
Source: Ebay Listing
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Photo 2:

Comments: Front, lower view
Source: Ebay Listing
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Photo 3:

Comments: Top with Extension
Source: Ebay Listing
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