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Manufactured/Badged by:
Delta Manufacturing Co.
Milwaukee, WI; Jackson, TN

Machine Specifications
Machine Class: Wood Working Machinery
Machine Type: Combo Machine
Machine Size: 10" saw and 6" jointer
Submitted By: Andy Ballard
Machine Specifications
Description/Model: table saw (tcs-203) and jointer
Date of Manufacturer: 1945
Serial Number:
Last Updated 2/15/2005 12:58:13 PM

An older friend in Perry, GA has an identical machine and has been using it since 1960 in his woodworking shop. I found a few like his on ebay and finally won this one for around $500. I had it shipped from Arizona to Georgia. The table had a hairline crack on one of the ribs underneath that I had repaired with a custom made clamp to keep the crack from spreading and it also flattened the table perfectly. The entire machine had been painted including the working surface of the jointer. I am slowly getting it back into original condition. I would like to mount a separate motor under the jointer because I do not like both machines running simultanously, however I want to somehow preserve the push stick on/off switch.

I use the saw daily. I have it set up at work in the now-unused wood shop at my school. It runs wonderfully quiet and is a great conversation piece to anyone involved in woodworking. You can run an unbalanced moulding head without any vibration. My molding head makes any other table saw walk across the floor.

I was pleased to be able to help my friend in Perry find a part that he had been looking for for many years, the main lift body underneith that rides up and down on a worm shaft had a crack in the back trunnion. He said he had never seen parts for this machine so he patched it so he could continue using it. One of his sons had damaged the saw a few years ago because he did not know how to operate the tilting table mechanism. I found the part he needed on ebay within a week and had it delivered to his door. He was delighted and he put his son back in the will.

I would like to eventually win another table saw on ebay but most are on the opposite side of the country and the cost of delivery rivals the cost of the equipment.

Photo 1:

Comments: 1945 Delta combination 10" table saw and 6" jointer
Source: Personal Photograph
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