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Manufactured/Badged by:
Sprunger Brothers, Inc.
South Bend, IN; Topeka, IN; Ligonier, IN; Elkhart, IN

Machine Specifications
Machine Class: Wood Working Machinery
Machine Type: Jointer
Machine Size: 6"
Submitted By: Brian Kachadurian
Machine Specifications
Description/Model: Early Model 'A' 6" Jointer
Date of Manufacturer: 1949
Serial Number: 7063 (View SN Registry Entry)
Last Updated 10/19/2015 10:17:09 AM

This machine was originally listed on eBay. I inquired on the condition of the machine through eBay's e-mail system. The seller replied, answering my questions. A few days later, I looked for the listing and it was erased from eBay. Wondering what had happened, I sent an e-mail to the seller. EBay removed his ad based on a threat from DeWalt's brand name litigation watch-dogs. The seller's listing included "Not DeWalt" in the title. EBay told the seller that if he re-listed the machine that they would revoke his use privileges. He was hoping that someone would contact him about the machine and was willing to sell it to me, before listing it with another on-line auction. We settled on $75 for the whole set-up. This included the jointer, 3/4HP Reliance 1725 rpm TEFC motor, home-made steel fabricated stand with wheels and a wooden chip collection box. The Road trip from Metro Detroit to Muskegon (West Coast of Michigan) on Saturday 29Jan05 was 2.5 hours one-way. The seller told me he didn't know much about the machine. He had purchased it with a group of other items from a person that was moving out-of-state.

Sprunger Bros. early Model 'A' 6" Jointer, S/N 7063
Manufactured in Topeka Indiana, in 1949
Knives: (3) 6" x 11/16" x 3/16" thick
Steel cutter head on 5/8" steel shaft
Original bearings New Departure 77120_A double shield (6202 with 5/8" ID)
Infeed Table: aluminum casting 18" length, height adjustable 0-1/2"
Outfeed Table: aluminum casting 16" length, height adjustable
Fence: aluminum casting 24" length, adjustable on trunnion 45 degrees in either direction
Overall length: 36-1/4"
Finish: wrinkle grey

PART NUMBERS (cast into surface):
20303 Knob-fence trunnion
20-304 Knob-infeed lock knob
20-306 Knob-fence bar lock
22-101 Base
22-102 Infeed table
22-104 Fence
22-105 Fence s-shaped arm
22-106 Guard
22-108 Fence trunnion

I plan on cleaning the grime from this machine, making necessary adjustments, sharpening the blades and putting it to work. The first order of business is to correct the cutter head speed. The 1725 rpm motor should have a 4.5" pulley to run at the appropriate speed.

Cutter head was seized on the shaft. Removed the two cutter head set screws and applied Mopar Rust Penetrant. Braced the front bearing and jointer body with iron blocks. Used wooden wedges to support the base rear bearing pocket against the cutter head. A few sharp hits with a rawhide faced mallet and the shaft gave up its hold.

Special T-shaped table spring hold down washer:
Top- 1-1/8” diameter x 1/8” thick, Bottom-11/16” diameter x 5/32” thick, 3/8" thru hole.
Hold-down spring: 1” diameter x 1¼” free length, 1/8” diameter wire, 5½ coils.

UPDATE 2010:
I no longer own this machine. It was given to Scott Sprunger for his collection.

Photo 1:

Comments: Tag side, as purchased
Source: Canon S230 on Bogen tripod with flash in my basement
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Photo 2:

Comments: Pulley side, as purchased
Source: Canon S230 on Bogen tripod with flash in my basement
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Photo 3:

Comments: Fully disassembled (finally got that shaft out of the cutter head).
Source: Nikon CoolPix existing light in basement workshop
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