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Manufactured/Badged by:
Rockwell Manufacturing Co.
Pittsburgh, PA

True Manufacturer:
Rockwell Manufacturing Co., Pittsburgh, PA
Machine Specifications
Machine Class: Wood Working Machinery
Machine Type: Planer, Wood
Machine Size: 13" X 6"
Submitted By: M Toupin
Machine Specifications
Description/Model: 22-401
Date of Manufacturer: Unk - mid 70's
Serial Number: Unk
Last Updated 8/31/2014 7:59:58 PM

No markings or badges left on it, but it's clearly a 22-401.

Hopefully the info below might help someone else along the way.

Cutter head drive belt - Gates 7m1700 polyflex belt (3/8" x 66 15/16")
Feed transmission belt - Gates AX45 Tri-Power Belt
Planer Knife Set - 13-1/8 x 11/16 x 5/32 Slotted
Mobil SHC-634 gear oil has been recommended as a safe modern replacement

Here’s what I learned - when setting up the planer the cutting circle is very important. It should be 2 9/16” for proper performance. Too much knife projection causes all sorts of problems with snipe and miss-alignment of the chip breaker. After spending the better part of a week trying to get the planer performing right with no snipe I finally figured out that the knife projection should be .053” from the head.
Cutter head diameter 2.350
Cutting circle - 2 9/16" or 2.5625
Knife projection .053

A good setup starts with properly adjusting the table gibs. The 22-401 is very picky on the table setup. Loose gibs will result in terrible snipe and chatter on your planned surface.

Chip breaker – while the manual says there is no adjustment necessary and there is no way to adjust it, it is critical that the cutting circle be 2 9/16” for the chip breaker to function properly. Make absolutely sure you’re knife projection is .053 from the cutter head.

Pressure bar - .002 to .004 above the cutting circle
In feed roller - .032 below the cutting circle
Out feed roller - .032 below the cutting circle
Table rollers – manual calls for.003 to .005 above the table. I found .002 eliminated all my snipe.

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