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Manufactured/Badged by:
Powermatic Machine Co.
McMinnville, TN; La Vergne, TN

Machine Specifications
Machine Class: Wood Working Machinery
Machine Type: Planer, Wood
Machine Size: 16"
Submitted By: Chris Ludjin
Machine Specifications
Description/Model: E-16
Date of Manufacturer:
Serial Number: 5-8165-B
Last Updated 5/14/2013 3:01:01 AM

I bought this planer from a retired wood-shop teacher friend who bought it from a school auction. I don't know which school and he forgot... but said he will try to find records. I love old cast iron machinery, particularly unique models. I'm sure there are many of these out there, but I have never seen one in person. It so happens I was looking for a mid-sized planer I could turn into a real nice finish planer to compliment a larger production planer. Something I could add some updated features to but maintain it's unique old-school appeal. It is a basic machine.

At one point in it's life it experienced a major trauma. The 'left' (motor side) cast iron side panel was cracked from the cutter-head bearing housing up. The chip deflector casting was broken and re-welded. Non-effecting dents and dings in the actual cutter-head and a groove cut in the table right below the cutter-head. No telling what happened but it still runs well as I received it.

My plan is to completely strip it down, weld the crack/grind smooth, completely repaint machine. There is a little slop in the table lift mechanism and I am going to machine bronze bearings into all the cast on metal mechanism points. Will add grease zirks to the table lift mechanism to avoid this re-occurring. I am going to replace the cutter head with a Byrd Shelix cutter head. They said they can make a head based off my current one. I will re-finish the out-feel roller as well as the table rollers (remove a thousandths or two) and spruce up the in-feed roller serrated edges. I might fill 2 of the marks on the table and hand lap the surface smooth then polish, we'll see. It is incredibly flat aside from the spot cut into the table.

Including the cost to buy the machine, I expect to have $2000 into it. It is hard to beat that price for any machine with a carbide insert head never mind it being a really cool old planer.

I will ad pictures when done.

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