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Manufactured/Badged by:
Delta Manufacturing Co.
Milwaukee, WI; Jackson, TN

True Manufacturer:
Delta Manufacturing Co., Milwaukee, WI; Jackson, TN
Machine Specifications
Machine Class: Wood Working Machinery & Metal Working Machinery
Machine Type: Band Saw
Machine Size: 14"
Submitted By: Joel Danke
Machine Specifications
Description/Model: 14" bandsaw 28-307
Date of Manufacturer: 1945
Serial Number: 39-8832
Last Updated 6/26/2011 10:16:32 PM

My father-in-law gave me this saw after he bought a shiny new one w/much more resaw capacity. He claims that the bandsaw looked like this when he bought it used 40 years ago and the metal gear didn't engage when he bought it, either.

I completely disassembled it, and most of the rust removal was done with electrolysis. Evaporust and a wire wheel also made an appearance. The paint is rust-o-leum dark machinery grey in the big cans on top of three coats of self-etching primer. Yes, this paint stays soft for ages!

The shift yoke on the gearbox was broken. I had a machine shop make a splint for it, but then ended up buying the only gearbox I ever saw over on that auction site (until the seller posted another one after I bought!). Oh, well. At least it's back together, tuned up, and ready to go.

The motor is a 1/2 HP Century motor, probably from the 20's. Heavy & open. My eyes are open for an enclosed 1HP motor.

Photo 1:

Comments: Finally back together! I used an orange cord, so I don't trip over it!
Source: myself
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Photo 2:

Comments: I'm also keeping my eyes open for a belt guard!
Source: me, again.
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Photo 3:

Comments: Started disassembly and almost forgot to take a "before" picture.
Source: Yup, me.
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Photo 4:

Comments: You can see where it rusted from collected sawdust.
Source: Me.
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