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Manufactured/Badged by:
Kindt-Collins Co.
Cleveland, OH; Lakewood, OH

Machine Specifications
Machine Class: Wood Working Machinery
Machine Type: Sander
Machine Size: 30"
Submitted By: Dev Emch
Machine Specifications
Description/Model: Master 30 Disc Sander
Date of Manufacturer: 1952
Serial Number:
Last Updated 2/11/2004 10:43:39 PM

The following sander is a master 30 inch disc sander manufactured by the kindt collins works. This particular sander is rather rare as very few of the 30 inch models were made. The majority were 24 inch sanders. The sander is equiped with cast aluminum table extensions and has its own hydraulic system for raising and lowering the table. The sander was acquired at the Wisconsin Patternworks auction held during the month of august, 2003. The building was very old and they had to cut a hole in the second floor to allow a rigger to remove all of the machines. Walking the halls of this old company was both spooky and sad. There were lots of kindt collins 24 inch disc sanders, as well as a bunch of oliver and other makes pattern making machines. This 30 inch machine is both rare and awsome. Seeing it confirms why many folks rank kindt collins sanders on the top of the ant pile. This particular model is a forward speed only. I will look into seeing if I can add a dual direction switch later on. The side guards were removed for the trip home and I have since added them back on. Please forgive the FMB metal cutting bandsaw in the background. Its both new and not of this country, but it cuts 6 inch chrome molly disks less than 1/32 inch thick! There is not a single speck of rust on this sander! A bit of greese patina but that is all. The dust port had lots of pink flour dust in it. So it looks like it spent its last few commercial years cutting patternmaker foam and not even wood.

Photo 1:

Comments: This is a basic photo of my sander during offloading.
Source: My sony camera thingie with the memory stick
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