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Manufactured/Badged by:
Sears | Dunlap

True Manufacturer:
King-Seeley Corp.-Central Specialty Division, Ann Arbor, MI; Ypsilanti, MI
Machine Specifications
Machine Class: Wood Working Machinery
Machine Type: Jig or Scroll Saw
Machine Size: 18"
Submitted By: Ray Muno
Machine Specifications
Description/Model: 103.0407
Date of Manufacturer: 1945
Serial Number: None
Last Updated 7/15/2013 2:04:10 AM

My Father bought this saw in the mid 40's. It has seen a lot of use over the years.
It currently has a set of step pulleys on it to give some range in speed. I have the
original 4" drive pulley.

It is still in good servicable condition and I still make use of it. I have not
opened the crankcase. It would be interesting to see drive mechanism, listed
in the catalog as an "expensive modified Scotch Yoke".

A manual and parts list for this saw can be found here.


This saw is almost identical in design to the smaller 15" model. Both were made for Sears by King-Seeley.


A manual for its smaller 15" sibling can be found here.


Photo 1:

Comments: Dunlap 18" Jig Saw
Source: Ray Muno, digital camera
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Photo 2:

Comments: Right side. Dunlap decal partially visible
Source: Ray Muno, digital camera
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Photo 3:

Comments: Lower blade guide, Listed in manual as optional sabre blade attachment
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