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Manufactured/Badged by:
Rockwell Manufacturing Co.
Pittsburgh, PA

Machine Specifications
Machine Class: Wood Working Machinery
Machine Type: Shaper, Wood
Machine Size:
Submitted By: Stephen Davis
Machine Specifications
Description/Model: Heavy Duty Shaper (Model 43-211)
Date of Manufacturer: 50's or 60's
Serial Number:
Last Updated 1/4/2004 9:24:44 PM

I purchased this machine from a newspaper classified ad that appeared in the local paper. The seller was a retired medical doctor who was selling most of his vintage woodworking machinery so that he could downsize and move into a smaller house. He had several very nice pieces of equipment including this Delta/Rockwell Shaper, a Powermatic Shaper, two vintage (cast iron base) Delta Unisaws, two nice older Delta 14" Bandsaws, a nice Delta 20" Bandsaw, a Delta 18" Wedge Bed Planer (impressive), a Powermatic 90 Lathe with a 20 foot bed extension, and lots more stuff.

Unfortunately, by the time I arrived, most of the good equipment had been sold. He knew the going price of his equipment so I didn't steal it.

It came with only a 1/2" spindle and the split fence - no tooling included. The seller threw in a dust collection hood that he had made, which supposedly works fairly well. I purchased a 3/4" spindle from Delta (before I knew it was available somewhat less expensive from Amazon.com).

I replaced the fence faces with new fences made from MDF as can be seen in the images below. I also replaced the fence mounting studs and fence star knobs. The previous owner didn't bother to check this very carefully before he decided to use 5/16-16 threaded knobs. The threads in the table are actually 5/16-24 (somewhat harder to find than course thread). Luckily, there was limited damage to the threads in the tabletop. I cleaned up the threads and purchased the proper fine threaded rod and new star knobs from Reid Tool Supply because I could not find it locally.

I think the cabinet has been repainted in the past as evidenced by a few minor paint runs and the missing "Delta" nameplates on the dust doors. At least the dust doors are present.

Photo 1:

Comments: Overview. New fence faces installed. New Delta mobile base is just a little too big requiring a plywood base to keep the shaper in place.
Source: S. Davis
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Photo 2:

Comments: Serial Number 110-1548
Source: S. Davis
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Photo 3:

Comments: Fence assemby.
Source: S. Davis
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