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Machinery Photo Index
Manufactured/Badged by:
Crescent Machine Co.
Leetonia, OH

Machine Specifications
Machine Class: Wood Working Machinery
Machine Type: Jointer
Machine Size: 20"
Submitted By: Dave Potts
Machine Specifications
Description/Model: 20-inch Jointer. S/N 21353
Date of Manufacturer: After 1939
Serial Number: (View SN Registry Entry)
Last Updated 1/3/2004 2:57:57 AM

So there we were.... A bunch of OWWMers standing in about 5 acres of a scrap yard, gawking at a 36" Cresent bandsaw. Now behind the bandsaw is pretty good sized jointer. I couldn't get the cutterhead guard to open all the way to measure the length of the cutterhead (because a Uniplane was wedged in there.... yeeech!), but it seemed more than 16".... perhaps an 18" model. Most importantly, the machine was all there and had no damaged parts, and was equipped with a modern gibbed cutterhead that ran on factory ball bearings. It had a light coating of rust-- none under the guard, and was a belt-drive machine. It even had the original tilt and skewing fence with OEM locking bolts. I inquired about the price at the office and went on with life-as-I-know-it... as best I could.

I checked with Keith Rucker on possible years that this machine was built, consulted the OWWM archive for weights and dimensions, and looked at other Crescent machines in the photo index to see if I could determine exactly what I had seen. It could be either a 16" or an 18" machine from the information I collected. I also made some phone calls to friends in the NE Pennsylvania area to see what options I might have to negotiate a better price with the yard management.

A week later I returned with my trailer, rigging gear, and cash to recheck the machine. This time I lifted the cutterhead guard off of the machine and re-measured...........20 inches! Oh boy. This was not an option I had planned for. Additional weight. Additional horsepower. Additional knife cost. And now...... less room (excuses) to negotiate, too.

In the end, the price didn't change. I was able to get a few extras thrown into the deal... a long Johnson bar and some knick-knacks I had seen in my stroll through the yard. They loaded the machine very carefully onto the trailer, and were very polite... not what you'd expect from a scrap yard! L.B. Metals in Fleetwood, PA.

I'll update some of these pictures when I get to re-painting and finishing the machine.

Photo 1:

Comments: One view.....
Source: My driveway
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Photo 2:

Comments: The rear side....
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Photo 3:

Comments: Final inspection......
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