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Manufactured/Badged by:
Sears | Dunlap

True Manufacturer:
Unknown Manufacturer, *
Machine Specifications
Machine Class: Wood Working Machinery
Machine Type: Grinder, Bench
Machine Size: 8" x 1¼" x ¾"
Submitted By: Brian Kachadurian
Machine Specifications
Description/Model: Cat# 6627
Date of Manufacturer: Est. Early to Mid-1940s
Serial Number: none
Last Updated 8/8/2019 6:38:29 AM

Dunlap belt driven bench grinder.
Faded Sears blue paint.
Combination flat or dual V-belt 3½" pulley, with one idler.
¾-10 threaded arbor ends and solid steel machined flanges.
Babbitt bearings with oil slinger ring.
Old school two piece tool rests and attachment points for optional wheel guards.
This grinder probably had an optional farm sickle blade sharpening attachment available.
The decal says: "Dunlap Approved Torches".

Purchased from OWWMer Rich McGowan in September 2008.
Fellow OWWMer Chris Jarzynski was kind enough to Rucker it to me at ArnFest2008.

I suspect that this grinder was made by Clizbe Bros. Mfg. for Sears, but I do not have 100% definitive evidence.
This exact grinder does not appear in any Sears power tool catalogs.
It may have been sold through the large catalog or in the retail stores.
I believe that this grinder was preceded by the (similar) Craftsman model 6629 in the early 1950s.
A Craftsman badged version of this grinder can be seen in the 1936 Sears Golden Jubilee full catalog.

Photo 1:

Comments: Front view
Source: My Nikon Coolpix, with flash, in my basement workshop
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Photo 2:

Comments: Top view
Source: (S/A above)
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Photo 3:

Comments: Rear view
Source: (S/A above)
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Photo 4:

Comments: Babbitt in excellent condition with shims intact
Source: (S/A above)
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