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Manufactured By:
Goodell & Waters
Philadelphia, PA

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Title: 1887 Article - Pedestal Jointer
Insert Date: 10/19/2003 10:58:22 AM

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Pedestal Jointer

Goodell & Waters, 3101 Chestnut street, Philadelphia, Pa., are directing attention to a new pattern of jointer which they have recently made ready for the market. An illustration of this article is presented in Fig. 7. The weight of the machine is given as 1000 pounds. Speaking of it, the makers state that great care has been taken to arrange all the parts so as to be easily accessible, simple, durable and accurate. A special feature of this machine is the link motion for raising and lowering the tables. By the peculiar construction of the links, there is little or no chance for oil or grit to wear the working parts ; the joints are all close and accurately fitted, so that it is almost impossible for any foreign matter to interfere. If properly lubricated the link motion may be relied upon as accurate and durable. When filing and setting the knives one of the tables may be raised up entirely free of the cutter head, leaving easy access for the operator to accomplish his work. There is, perhaps, no other wood-working machine which has been introduced to the public of late years which has come to be so generally used as the planer and jointer. In many cases such machines have superseded expensive articles like the Daniels or Dimension planers. No shop where rabbeting, chamfering, jointing, gaining, tapering, beveling or squaring up is done can afford to be without one. These machines are made in four sizes ? to work 12, 16, 20 and 25 inches wide. The firm above-mentioned use the machine here shown in their pattern-making shop, and have put into this machine such features as their own experience has shown to be desirable.
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