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Manufactured By:
Cordesman, Meyer & Co.
Cincinnati, OH

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Title: 1887 Article - Single Spindle Friction Friezer
Source: "Carpentry and Building", Vol. IX, No. 5. May, 1887. pg. 100.
Insert Date: 2/22/2003 7:59:16 AM

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Single Spindle Friction Friezer.

Cordesman, Meyer & Co., 186-180 West Second street, Cincinnati, Ohio, are calling the attention of the trade to their Single Spindle Friction Friezer, a general idea of which will be gained by an inspection of the accompanying engraving, Fig. 3. The frame of the machine consists of a hollow iron column, cast in one piece, made very heavy, making vibration impossible, even when the machine is running at a very high rate of speed. The table is formed of strips of wood glued securely together, and is furnished with iron rings, allowing different sized cutters to be used. An iron table is supplied when desired. The spindle, which is of steel, is raised and lowered by the hand-wheel shown in the engraving. The part of frame supporting the boxes and spindle is gibbed to the main frame, so that all wear can be taken up. The firm direct special attention to their reverse attachment for reversing the spindle, which is operated instantaneously by treadle shown in the front of the machine. This treadle is self-locking, remaining where placed until a change is desired. The section of reverse frame carrying the horizontal shaft with driving cones, can be shifted on base by the connecting-rod, in dove-tailed sided, fitted with gibbs, making a very solid bearing. The section of frame holding the upright shaft of reverse is very heavily made, as can be seen by the cut. The entire strain of the driving and reversing spindle is thrown on this shaft.
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