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Erie City Iron Works
Erie, PA

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Title: 1893 Article-Erie City Iron Works, Medium Speed Automatic Steam Engine
Source: Cassier's Magazine May 1893, pg. 123
Insert Date: 11/13/2012 1:40:52 PM

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Two engines—a high speed and a medium speed automatic—are exhibited by the Erie City Iron Works, of Erie, Pa., the latter being shown in this issue. The bed of this engine is of the well-known form first introduced by Tangyes Limited of England, and is a very strong and heavy type, thoroughly ribbed underneath. The bottom slides are separate from and are bolted to the bed. The hood on the back end of the latter forms the front cylinder head of the cylinder, and the stuffing-box is made loose and forced into the head and secured by annular ring nut, which is set up with a spanner from the outside. The cylinder is of the over-hung type, but has double exhaust passages, and the steam ports are placed close to the end of the cylinder, making the live steam passages very short. The cylinder is covered with a cast iron corrugated jacket forming an air space around the cylinder. This can be filled with non-conducting material if preferred.
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1893 Erie City Iron Works, Medium Speed Automatic Steam Engine
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